Kim Kardashian Picked on by Nicki Minaj and SNL

Kim Kardashian Picked on by Nicki Minaj and SNL

It really looks like SNL upped their comedic game on Saturday with host James Franco, with his BFF Seth Rogen popping in for a couple of cameos, and the writers of the show outdid themselves by picking on Kim Kardashian via Nicki Minaj in their Weekend Update portion of the episode. The 31 year old rapper came out as Kim, complete with long hair and boobs that threatened to pop out of her top, to speak to the anchor Colin. In the skit, Kardashian is upset about that photoshoot and she claims that everything has been taken out of context.

Selena Gomez Comes Back to Former BFF Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez Comes Back to Former BFF Taylor Swift

After the news that Taylor Swift was searching for a new BFF as Selena Gomez had dumped her former bestest buddy it now seems that the two have reconciled and theCome and Get It singer has come back. The 21 year-old singer/actress had a major falling out with Swift over Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber when Selena ignored her older, and wiser, BFF Swift who threw down the gauntlet over Bieber. It was either him or her and she lost.

George Clooney in the Spotlight Finally

George Clooney in the Spotlight Finally

Ever since the film Gravity hit cinemas it has been all about Sandra Bullock, now it is George Clooney in the spotlight, finally. The 52 year-old film star must have felt as cold as his stranded character in the space film. Floating around in the freezing cold and ignored by all those Bullock fans who love what his co-star did in their film.