Lindsay Lohan Sex List Mercifully Short

Lindsay Lohan Sex List Mercifully Short

Sadly, Lindsay Lohan has admitted that her “leaked” sex list is real and, mercifully for her remaining fans, short. Of course there are those who are interested in this recounting by name of her “conquests” between the sheets. The same sort of people who like train wreck television and get excited at the prospect of any sort of scandal of the rich and famous. Interestingly enough, Lohan is one of the few actors to make the transition from child star to adult-ish star with a minimum of muss and fuss.

Charlie Sheen Epic Win Against Brooke Mueller Restraining Order

Charlie Sheen Epic Win Against Brooke Mueller Restraining Order

Over the past weekend Charlie Sheen raged against child and family services and a judge he dubbed Judge Douchebag today he much happier after his epic win against ex-wife Brooke Mueller. She had asked for an emergency restraining order against the actor while they fight over the custody of their two sons, Max and Bob.


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