Wizard Wars Episode Four (Recap and Review)

Wizard Wars Episode Four (Recap and Review)

This week’s episode, number four, of Wizard Wars had the most eclectic and obscure choices in terms of props for both the challenging teams and the wizards later on. It could also be the first show that may leave the audience a bit disgruntled at the choice of win. Not that there were any feelings of a fix or favoritism, but the losers this week had so much charisma together that the tight margin that allowed them to be voted out felt almost forced.

Wizard Wars: Episode Three (Recap and Review)

Wizard Wars: Episode Three (Recap and Review)

In last week’s Wizard Wars, episode three began with the in-house wizard team getting ready to decapitate fellow team member Shimshi with a giant electric saw. The trick, of course, went immaculately and the “victim” dramatically let his head droop after the blade passed “through” his neck. Cue gasps and applause. This show is a badly needed shot in the arm for television a program that fuses a mix of “reality” TV with a game show style of delivery. Rick Lax’s brain child – he is the show’s creator – is one of the most entertaining on any network at the moment.

Wizard Wars Reality TV Game Show With a Difference (Recap and Review)

Wizard Wars Reality TV Game Show With a Difference (Recap and Review)

The world premiere of Wizard Wars, which is either reality TV with a difference, or the game show that really is magic, was aired on SyFy on Tuesday August, 19. Before going too far into this first episode, it should be mentioned that two of the producers, who are Las Vegas headliners, and residents at the Rio, Penn and Teller are very busy at the moment.

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