Killjoys: Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye (recap and review)

Amanda Tapping as Dr. Jaeger in KIlljoys
Killjoys last week saw Dutch get sidetracked by Khlyen who put a neuro-link transmitter in her brain and this week in Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye Johnny tries to crack the device so they can find her old tutor. On top of all that, D’Av and the rest of the killjoy trio track down the elusive Dr. Jaeger, played by Amanda Tapping.

Killjoys has, thus far, been a cornucopia of science fiction performers in terms of guest stars and it does not get much more iconic than Amanda Tapping; the Brit born, Canadian raised actress who is almost synonymous with the Star Gate verse and Sanctuary.

In this episode she played a baddie, somewhat of a departure from her usual casting as stalwart strong characters who fight for good. Her performance as the person responsible for turning Luke Macfarlane’s character from good soldier to homicidal maniac was perfect against type casting. Her character in Star Gate was also a scientist (and an Air Force captain) by profession, albeit in astrophysics and not neurology. The choice of Amanda in the role science bad girl is another nod and wink from the show’s creators to the genre.

At the start of the episode, Lucy and Johnny get an image from the transmitter and after some group input, they find a likeness of Khlyen just before the device stops working. John decides to put the link into his own brain stem with bad consequences. Meanwhile, Dutch and D’Av do a little bonding over auto-target practice.

One of the best lines from the show come from D’Av this week, “Why shoot the sh*t, when you can shoot at sh*t?” Cue some spontaneous fun from the two while Johnny disregards Lucy’s warning about putting the neuro-link device on his neck. Dutch and D’Av come back to the ship to find John on the floor and in pain.

They decide to take him to Pawter to get it taken out of him. Simms tells D’Av that Hills had her arrested for taking his code. She removes the neuro-link but breaks it in the process. Dutch is angry and D’Av reveals to Simms that he was “doing a fade” as she puts it. She tells him that he is, “officially an a**hole” and he points out that she was “nailing a patient while treating him.” After this little argument it looks like the bloom has gone off the rose in this particular relationship.

Before the two depart, Pawter gives D’Av the address of Grayson Hicks, the only other patient of Dr. Jaeger’s that they know of. He is in a mental asylum and the killjoys break him out. Hicks agrees to help but only if they take him with. The place he was treated in is Utopia a huge club and market, anything and everything is for sale in the area. “Dr. Bliss” treated Grayson and John takes the man to find her.

Dutch and D’Av stick together and he tries some “euphoria in a bottle” while Johnny visits a specialist in fringe science. He learns that the device Khlyen used on Dutch is partly organic, aka mech=organic, and is cutting edge technology while the other two bond a little bit more. A kiss or two later and they have become even more “aware” of each other. John makes a deal with the woman to track the device back to its origins.

Dr. Bliss turns out to be the one who messed with Hicks’ memories and she was Jaeger’s former assistant. She stole the doctor’s technique and modified them. The killjoys steal the procedural files back from Bliss. On the way back from the club, Dutch is arrested for kidnapping Grayson. Delle Seyah Kendry (Mayko Nguyen) who Dutch met, and bested, back in Vessel put out a BOLO on the killjoy leader.

The two strike up a deal where Dutch is released with no charges pending if she and her team do Kendry a favor, unspecified, later on. Dutch agrees, but only if she and her team are allowed 24 hours with Jaeger. They come to an agreement and the killjoys find the doctor in a Westerly black site.

D’Av demands answers, which Jaeger provides rather reluctantly and D’Av then tells her that he wants his memories back. Dutch orders him to back off and really think about what he is asking for. Angry, he leaves and heads back to the ship. Dutch and he compare notes, she reveals that the first time she killed anyone was when she was eight. The two connect.

The two are mid-coitus when John returns with the news that he got the Khlyen device fixed and discovers that they are now an item. He leaves and around the same time Dr. Jaeger uses her program to turn D’Av homicidal again.

After their long sex session, after which D’Av says they need a bigger bed and goes to give Dutch a high five, “Are you naked high-fiveing me right now,” she asks. She gets some clothes on and discovers that Johnny had been back and then immediately left. D’Av suddenly turns.

Dutch goes back to her room to tell D’Avin that Johnny knows about them and he tries to kill her. The two have a prolonged battle while Johnny tells Pree (Thom Allison) all about the problem. He explains that the two cannot possibly last and then he will have to pick a side. Pree tells him that John will pick Dutch’s side which makes him a good friend.

Back on the hip, Dutch finally overpowers D’Av. Johnny finally returns to the ship to find an injured Dutch who explains that D’Avin tried to kill her. She tells John that Jaeger is responsible and that the doctor will fix it, “or I”m going to break her one piece at a time,” she warns John to be careful around D’Av.

Dutch goes to see Jaeger who traps her in a small corridor with security fields on either end. John tries to connect with his brother, after first punching him, and D’Avin stabs Johnny. Jaeger admits that she turned D’Av into a weapon. She also admits that he was not meant to really kill anyone.

The doctor reveals that she was the one who put the kill warrant out on D’Avin as he almost found her once before. Using the auto target, Dutch breaks through the dual security field and gets to Jaeger. John asks Lucy to get a doctor just as he passes out. Lucy is stumped for a moment and then puts out an alert for any doctor to respond. Johnny is, after all, her favorite.

Jaeger explains to Dutch that her work is important and that the killjoy has no idea what is coming to the Quad. D’Av has followed her to the doctor’s office and Dutch forces the assistant to reverse what they have done. After D’Avin is back to normal, Dutch tells Jaeger that she is going to give her something she never gave D’Av…a choice.

“The gun or the memory-wipe procedure,” Dutch asks. Jaeger chooses the gun and Dutch replies, “Procedure it is.”

Pawter comes to John’s rescue. She orders the nearest med ship to come collect Johnny. The ship’s commander initially refuses and Simms responds angrily, “This is Illenore Seyah Simms of Land Simms and if you ignore my call, I will have you staked in the rain.” The med ship then confirms they are on the way and Pawter says, “You bet your a** you are.” Splendid moment for the woman that Hills said in the previous episode had no real standing with the Land family.

In the hospital, John is anxious that D’Avin know that the stabbing was not his fault and Dutch thanks Pawter for saving Johnny’s life. Dutch and D’Av talk about Johnny and he admits that he remembers everything he did. He asks Dutch to tell him she knows that was not really him. She says yes but that was really her and she is not alright with that.

Killjoys suddenly leapt from good old fashioned kick-ass type entertainment to a deeper more complex plot. Jaeger hints at something big and bad on the horizon for the Quad, Pawter Simms obviously is more important than she lets on and Delle Seyah Kendry obviously has something nasty that she wants Dutch to do. D’Avin and his brother may have to work a bit to get back a that brotherly love, but it appears that whatever started between Dutch and Johnny’s big brother has been broken…possibly forever.

Kudos to Sarah Power for bringing that blast of power to her character. Wow. Killjoys is a science fiction show that has not one, but several powerful and positive female characters as main players. This Canadian space action series is a winner and part of SyFy Fridays. Watch it if you like positive female role models along with great story and kick-ass action.

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