Bill Cosby: Sex Assault Accusations that Refuse to Die

Bill Cosby performing onstage
Bill Cosby has had more sexual assault allegations brought up and it seems that this story is one that refuses to die. On Facebook when one clicks the trend bar, Cosby is number one on the list that appears. While the entertainer may continue to perform to a dwindling amount of devout fans, the women who claim he drugged and assualted them grows.

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Bill Cosby: Latest Celebrity Found Guilty by the Internet

Bill Cosby: Latest Celebrity Found Guilty by the Internet

2014 has been a year of celebrity “dirt” being strewn across the Internet and Bill Cosby is the latest to be found guilty by the web. Acting as judge, jury and potential executioner, the death of Cliff Huxtable has taken over the Internet. The 77 year old entertainment icon has had old allegations of sexual abuse, rape and administering drugged drinks to a number of victims resurface recently and the hype it has generated appears to be gaining momentum daily, if not hourly.

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