Jennifer Lawrence Rape Scream Causes Upset

Jennifer Lawrence Rape Scream Causes Upset

The only trouble with being the world’s most desired BFF is that there is always someone who cannot wait to pull you down, in this case Jennifer Lawrence and her “rape scream” at Cannes has caused upset with some female journos. The same reporters who have been gushing over the Hunger Games star are now ready to vilify her for an “off the cuff” remark made at the same party where she met Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber Meets Jennifer Lawrence at Cannes

Justin Bieber Meets Jennifer Lawrence at Cannes

Now that Justin Bieber has managed to make himself pretty much persona non grata in the borders of the U.S. he headed over to the Cannes Film Festival and he even got to meet Jennifer Lawrence. While Rolling Stone have been speaking to Epic Records chief L.A. Reid about Bieber doing a collaboration with the late Michael Jackson on an upcoming track, the 20 year-old pop star headed over to France to rub shoulders with real film stars.

Gravity: Loses Nothing on the Small Screen (DVD Review)

Gravity: Loses Nothing on the Small Screen (DVD Review)

In 2013 Alfonso Cuarón co-wrote and directed his version of a space drama, Gravitystarring Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and Ed Harris; shown in IMAX theaters in 3D it was a spectacular offering and it loses nothing on the small screen. Which is good as the blu-ray, DVD release is coming up on Feb 25, coincidentally that is the same day that Oscar votes have to be in. With the release coming up so quickly, it seemed a good idea to look at this masterpiece with its 10 Oscar nominations and two wins for Best Director – Golden Globes – and Best British Film – BAFTAs.


Johnny Knoxville Set to Knock Gravity out of Orbit

Johnny Knoxville Set to Knock Gravity out of Orbit

Alfonso Cuarón’s lost in space film has ruled the box office for three consecutive weeks, but Johnny Knoxville and his film Bad Grandpa looks set to knock Gravity out of orbit. Despite the fact that Knoxville’s film utilizes the Jackass formula, but with a plot, the 3D space spectacle with the huge budget and two Hollywood “names” looks like it will lose its stranglehold on the number one slot at the box office to Bad Grandpa.

Gravity Gets Mixed Reception from Scientific Community

Gravity Gets Mixed Reception from Scientific Community

Audiences have gone crazy over Alfonso Cuarón’s film about two astronauts who are stranded in space after being separated by a shower of space debris. Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, and featuring the off-camera acting skills of Ed Harris, the movie has set a very high bar for any future films set in space.