Big Hero 6 Disney Firing on All Cylinders (Review and Trailer)

Big Hero 6 Disney Firing on All Cylinders (Review and Trailer)

Disney has taken a solo journey into a more esoteric Marvel verse with Big Hero 6 and the studio is firing on all cylinders with this very entertaining film aimed at not just the younger members of the audience but their parents as well. This is the Disney of old, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Up, and so on. The soft happy-ish start, the suckerpunch – guaranteed to make the most cynical viewer take that sharp inhaled shocked breath – and the young hero, excuse the pun, making good. This big 3D spectacular will keep audiences enthralled and excited about what transpires on-screen.

Robin Williams Death of a Genie and Friend

Robin Williams Death of a Genie and Friend

On Monday, August 11, 2014 Robin Williams was found not breathing in his home and this news signalled the death of a genie and friend to fans all over the world. The 63 year-old comic legend left a legacy and ability that will never be matched. This funnyman and actor had a style that was a mixture of hectic and non-stop delivery combined with a sort of pathos.

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