Lady Gaga and American Horror Story: A Perfect Marriage

On top of the very sad news that Ben Woolf, Meep from Season four of American Horror Story, has died, it has been revealed that Lady Gaga will be joining the cast of season five, which one media outlet says is “partially” titled “Hotel.” This will be a perfect marriage of the weird and wonderful meeting the wonderfully weird. Gaga, Mother Monster to all her rabidly devout little monsters, will no doubt bring something to the AHS table.

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Ben Woolf American Horror Story Meep in Critical Condition

Ben Woolf American Horror Story’s Meep, the freakshow geek, is in critical condition after being struck by a car’s side mirror while crossing the street. Various entertainment news agencies have reported that the 4 foot 4 inch tall performer was hit while jaywalking at 9 p.m. on 19 February 2015… Read the rest of the story on Viral Global News.

American Horror Story: Blood Bath (Recap and Review)

American Horror Story: Blood Bath (Recap and Review)

This week’s episode of American Horror Story, titled Blood Bath, sees the show continue to build the body count although the title of blood bath seems a bit more fitting for the next show where it looks like Dandy goes all out. Before then, however, Ethel and Elsa have a showdown, prompted by the bearded lady overhearing Mars speaking with Spalding about killing the twins. This accidental eavesdropping occurred after Darling told her friend and employer that if she ever found out that Elsa had lied about the Tatler sisters, she would kill her.

American Horror Story Freak Show Premiere: Life On Mars Genius

American Horror Story Freak Show Premiere: Life On Mars Genius

Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story season four premiere of Freak Show showed a glimpse of genius three quarters through the opening episode when Jessica Lang’s character sang David Bowie’s Life on Mars. Of course purists will shout that the Bowie ballad, which is the best way to describe the song, does not fit the time period. Freak Show takes place in 1952 Jupiter, Florida so of course the song is an anachronism in the old time 1950’s southern setting.

American Horror Story Opening Credits: Can They Show That On TV? (Video) *Warning: Video May Offend Those Who Dislike Claymation Nudity*

American Horror Story Opening Credits: Can They Show That On TV? (Video)
*Warning: Video May Offend Those Who Dislike Claymation Nudity*

The opening credits montage for American Horror Story came out today and the first thing that immediately comes to mind is the question of “Can they show that on TV?” Not the mechanical dolls, or creepy clowns, but the bit at 40 seconds into the one minute 11 second sequence. A small breasted, obviously female, naked figure clad only in tall boots has an appendage waving from its nether region that looks like a leg and foot clad in a third boot. The segment lasts just over three seconds and is a brilliantly mind blowing sight. One keeps rewinding the YouTube video again and again just to verify that the eyes have not deceived.

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