Miley Cyrus Receives the Wagging Finger of Cher

Miley Cyrus Receives the Wagging Finger of Cher

You know that you have done something wrong, or right, whenever you get the wagging finger of shame from Cher. Miley Cyrus got just that when the 67 year-old singing and acting legend decided to wade in on the publicity volcano that Miley unleashed after her appearance on the MTV VMA show on August 25 this year.

1989 Television commercial for Tonka Turbo Tricksters.

Just thought I’d pop this old telly advert of mine up from 1989. When it aired in the states they had another actor “dub” me as they changed some of the information. I’d filmed my bit in Holland so they couldn’t get hold of me. This is the “un-dubbed” version; Just for fun!

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