Van Helsing: Nothing Matters – Escape and Exile (Review)

Van Helsing - Season 1

After last week’s rather dark episode, where Axel and his people were locked up and Mohamad was exiled, things have taken a downward turn in Van Helsing.  Vanessa and Susan have escaped from Julian and from the creatures in under the building but at quite a substantial cost.

“Nothing Matters” sees a switch in the power struggle in the hospital and Axel shows that you really do not want to get on the bad side of a Marine.

The series is pretty grim and this latest episode proves it.  The new group in the hospital, led by Brendan overpowered Axel’s people and locked them up.

Brendan claims it was to protect his people from the murderer in Axel’s ranks.  This week Callie comes dangerously close to being decapitated by one of the Marine’s boobytraps.   Catherine is furious with Axel. Brendan takes him out of lockup and beats him until the Marine reveals where all the traps are.

Axel does make a good point however as he mentions that the doors were clearly marked “Do Not Enter.”

Later Catherine attacks Axel with a knife, being used as a spear, and cuts Flesh as well. She threatens the entire group and says  she will be back.  Brendan stops her and takes Catherine away.

Using a mirror to watch the group Sam tells Axel that Brendan means to execute them.  The prisoners start working on an escape plan and Flesh begins taking screws off the air duct grate.

Van Helsing fights one of the creatures (A monster so bad that even the vampire feeders fear them.) and is badly wounded. These underground monsters are different to the vampires. The injury it inflicts upon Vanessa refuses to heal and her condition worsens.

She and Susan make it back to the hospital only to find Brendan and his people are in charge. The doc is let out to treat Van Helsing and she tells Vanessa about how things have changed.

As Doc attempts to treat the wound, Vanessa formulates a plan, one where she will help Axel regain control. Meanwhile, Van Helsing gets attached to the little girl, Callie.

Before the breakout and the violence that will entail, Vanessa tell the little girl that they will play a game of hide and seek. Callie is not to come out unless he hears Van Helsing say “I give up.”

Sheema leads the resistance group into a trap. A lot of people die and as she is being questioned, Rebecca breaks in and asks some questions of her own. She wants to find “Tonka.”

Sheema is released and Rebecca reminds the girl that she knows her scent. The vampire tells Mohamad’s sister that she will lead Rebecca to the other resistance groups.

Back at the hospital, Brendan leaves two men in charge of looking after Vanessa and Susan.  Both men are overpowered by Susan who turns out to be quite the scrapper.

(It is interesting to note that the freshly turned Susan wants nothing to do with Flesh. This will become more important at the end of the episode.)

Axel gets out and Nicole shuts the lights down. The angry Marine kills all of Brendan’s people except for him and a few others. It is now their turn to be exiled and Catherine, who was all about torturing Axel, pleads to stay.

As the remnants of Brendan’s group are pushed out the door of the hospital, Callie joins them. Once the door is closed Axel refuses to reopen it.

Things have become very grim indeed in the world of Van Helsing.

The episode ends with Doc cutting her finger. She looks at the bleeding digit and then sticks it in her mouth. Eyes closed, she be seems to be enjoying the taste.

This seems to indicate that, despite Van Helsing’s ability  to cure the vampires, some residual blood thirst lingers on.  Does this explain the murders in the hospital?

Doc cannot be the murderer as she was locked up for the first one. Eyes should all be looking at Flesh right now as this blood thing points a  clear finger in his direction.

Van Helsing  airs Fridays on SyFy. Tune in and see how much darker this apocalyptic drama can get.



Author: Mike's Film Talk

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2 thoughts on “Van Helsing: Nothing Matters – Escape and Exile (Review)”

  1. michael:

    thanks for watching the show and for your thoughtful musings. look forward to hearing what you think of our work as the series goes on…


    1. Well you can colour me chuffed. Thanks for stopping by for a chat Neil! I’ve really enjoyed the show thus far and you have me hooked. I’ll continue to watch and muse for some time to come. Cheers!


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