Van Helsing: Fear Her – Locked Up (Recap/Review)

Van Helsing - Season 1

Van Helsing continues where last week’s episode finished. Vanessa is being held by Julius and he insists upon a test of her powers. In the hospital the new group lock up Axel and his people after one of their own is murdered.

Things could have gone very different with the Marine and his survivors had he treated the group that Mohamad brought back a bit nicer. Axel is furious that Vanessa is missing and he takes it out on everyone.

Back at the lair, the vampires are too terrified to test Van Helsing even though she is tied up. One female vampire does step forward and it is Susan, Vanessa’s old neighbor. Susan taunts her old friend telling her that her daughter is dead and that she killed her.

The two women fight savagely and when Van Helsing gets the advantage she bites Susan in the neck. Her old friend becomes human again. Vanessa whispers in Susan’s ear, “Get ready to run.”

They run and get out of the main room.  Julius reacts angrily and tells his vampire hoard to find them or they will all lose their heads. Susan confesses to Vanessa that she did not kill Dylan. The girl is still, accordion to Susan, still alive.

Mahabad’s sister Sheema is caught by Rebecca. The vampire reaches through the wall and rips the girl out of the air duct.  Inexplicably she lets Sheema go, although the brand on the girl’s back may have motivated the release.

Back at the hospital the injured member from the new group is found murdered and he too has an index finger missing.  Douchebag John tells the new people about the murderer in the hospital.

Things go sour very quickly and Axel confronts the group when he sees John has joined their secret meeting. They take the Marine’s gun and through the him, Doc and the rest in the cage and lock them up.

Brendan tells Axel it is for their own safety. Once they find the murderer everyone will be released. John ends up in the cage as well and tries to pen the murder on Mohamad.

Susan and Van Helsing enter a labyrinth of tunnels underneath the vampire’s lair. The creatures are reluctant to follow them and Julius forces a few to volunteer.

Axel tells Brendan that he killed the two people so he can get out and find Vanessa.  No one believes him and Mohamad confesses to the murders so the rest will be released. He taken to the hospital door and forced outside without weapons.

Sheema returns to the resistance with a map and it appears that they have some sort of plan.  Mohamad’s sister seems to be someone important in the organization.

Back in the cage Axel has plans of his own, he will be “taking everything back.”

One of the two vampires is taken by something in the tunnels. Susan and Van Helsing stop to rest and Vanessa’s flashlight goes out. Something with glowing eyes moves toward the two women and Van Helsing tells her friend to run…again.

There is still no indication as to who the murderer is. Mohamad is definitely innocent which means that whoever the killer is, he or she is inside that cage with Axel’s group.

The creatures in the tunnels beneath the lair must be pretty bad as even the vampires are afraid of them.

Vanessa Van Helsing is getting better at kicking butt and biting necks. Unfortunately the big boss, Damian, knows that Julius “has her” and he may react accordingly.

Back in the hospital, there is the feeling that had Axel lost all that hostility that Brendan might not have “taken over.”

Van Helsing airs Fridays on SyFy. Tune in and see whether Mohamad makes it or not.


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