The Path: The Shore – Cal, Eddie and Hawk (Review)

Cal (Hugh Dancy)

A drunken Cal works to depose of Silas’ body in ‘The Path’ this week. Eddie and Hawk travel together and memories come flooding back for the father as they walk along the shore of the Coney Island boardwalk. Gaines gets a shock when his boss reveals that he is handing the Meyerist case over to the attorney general’s office and Sarah has a damned scary dream that can also be seen as a vision or a portent of bad things to come.

Cal backslides by drinking while he buries Silas and then cleans up. He brings Sean back to the compound for Mary and Nicole is having her baby.  Roberts goes to Sarah for help and she gets too attached.

Before the leader’s return, Sarah finds the Pacamamma idol that Silas brought with him and it is this that she saw in her dream.

Eddie is overwhelmed with memories of his brother as he and Hawk eat clam rolls and talk about  life, the walk and love.  Scrapping up a handful of change, Eddie urges Hawk to call his IS girlfriend.

Gaines (Rockmond Dunbar) is invited to dinner, along with his wife, by the division head and his colleagues believe that Abe is in for a promotion. At the meal with Abe’s boss, the man orders for his guests and then reveals that Gaines is losing the case.  The agent does not react well and after raging at his superior storms out. 

At Coney Island, Eddie sees his dead brother as Hawk talks on the phone with Ashley.

Nicole is having problems with the birth and when the infant is finally delivered the baby girl is not breathing.  Cal freezes but Sarah gives the newborn mouth-to-mouth and the tiny baby girl begins to cry. Sarah then does Cal’s “job” and welcomes this new soul into the world.

Mary (Emma Greenwell) and Sean (Paul James) share a moment of light where he asks about Cal and she tells her lover there was nothing between them.  Before they have sex, she starts to flush the drugs down the toilet but instead takes one, a flake, and puts the container back. 

Cal and Sarah react to their feelings for one another and when Sara wants to stop, Cal tells her that Eddie has been lying to her. She searches for evidence and finds the burner phone with  Alison Kemp’s (Sarah Jones) phone number on it and Eddie has called her a number of times. 

The warning of the Meyerist elder early in the episode was that Cal would destroy the movement through his recklessness. A movement that Silas told Roberts was dead. It may well be that Cal will be the beginning of the end for not just the movement but for Sarah’s family as well.

The walk for Eddie and Hawk is a path of discovery for both of them as Eddie relives his life before the movement and Hawk realizes that he may have to leave in order to be with Ashley.

Abe Gaines will no doubt continue his undercover integration into the movement. This cannot end well for the agent but the little we have seen of Abe shows him to be a “type ‘A'” personality.

The Pacamamma idol of Silas’ cannot bode well for Cal, or the group, and Mary’s keeping the drug and still taking it is another portent of bad things to come. With Sarah’s temper, finding that phone, thanks to Cal, Eddie may not want to return at the end of his walk.

In all likelihood the Cal enforced walk may end early and Eddie, if not Hawk, will return to face the wrath of Sarah. In conversation with Roberts, Sarah tells him that  alcoholism is his “rock to bear.” One wonders what Sarah’s rock is.

She is a complex character, perhaps even more so than Cal, with his rage, impulsiveness and psychosis.  For all her “leadership” qualities in the sect, she does have a deep seated anger and, apparently, a problem with jealousy.  Is this her rock to bear?

‘The Path’ airs Wednesdays on Hulu. Tune in and see where this movement heading.

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One thought on “The Path: The Shore – Cal, Eddie and Hawk (Review)”

  1. I particularly enjoyed the moment where Eddie dropped the rocks as he approached his brother on the shore. The rocks represent a moment of significance, growth, and related to the light. I think the dropping of the stones in this scene represent something else.

    His hallucinations of his brother have guided him and influenced much of his doubt throughout season 1. I think he forces himself to keep his faith and to fix his “transgressions”.. proving his love for his wife. However, I think the dropping of the rocks concludes his faith in meyerism. This was his enlightenment.


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