Lucifer: St Lucifer – Amenadiel, Maze and Steamy Windows (Review)


At long last the answer to whether or not Lucifer can be killed, by just anyone, is presented in St. Lucifer.  Morningstar decides that turning down Decker’s request for sex has made him into a saint and as such he identifies with the victim in this episode.  Maze gets back into Lucifer’s circle of trust and she steams up some car windows with Amenadiel in the process.

Speaking of sex, or lack thereof, the episode starts with an obviously naked Chloe in Morningstar’s bed. After offering her a choice of expresso or “hair of the dog” Lucifer teases her about their night. He then reveals that nothing happened.

The big payoff in this episode was that Lucifer (Tom Ellis) can only be injured by his current fascination, Chloe Decker (Lauren German). Along with his evolution into a very different “Lord of the Underworld” Morningstar learns that being charitable to someone other than Chloe is rather meaningless. In other words there is no “rush.” 

The murder victim, it appears, really was a “saint;” a former pro ball player who turned philanthropist and channeled money to good causes.  Tim Dunlear (Michasha Armstrong) is beloved by many, married to Vanessa (Christina Chang) and the lover of Kyle Erikson (Michael Welch).

He is also very dead.

Sidenote: It was brilliant to see Welch, after his character’s demise on  “Z-Nation,” knock it out of the park as the gay lover of the late charitable Dunlear. 

Feeling quite virtuous, Lucifer spends much of the episode bestowing acts of dubious kindness to those around him. He even offers to stage the late Dunlear’s fund raiser at LUX.  Before the event the devil breaks into song at the memorial service for the dead man much to the distress of Erikson.

Kyle reveals that the two men were in love.

Michael Welsh as Kyle

Dan, “Detective Douche,”  gets tied up by Malcolm who explains what Hell is like to his new “partner.”  He also  reveals, through his description, why he is constantly eating since his return from the dead.

Maze hooks up with Amenadiel to complain and the two do a little bonding, after initially picking on each other. Lucifer’s protector is clearly attractive to Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside)   and she teases the angel into a steamy tryst in the back of a car.

The main plot line of the episode was Lucifer’s only being mortal when he is around Chloe. One splendid twist was that it is not Malcolm who shoots Morningstar but the dead man’s murderous widow Vanessa.  She pumps three shots point-blank into the devil’s chest. Dan, who rushes to save Lucifer comes in to find that he is alive and uninjured.

It is also noteworthy that the angel actually lied to Malcolm, according to Lucifer, who explains that although his brother brought the gunman back to life, Amenadiel cannot actually kill him.

This then is the more interesting subplot of the episode.  Amenadiel has been portrayed as the less than happy angel who is in charge of Hell while Lucifer is on his holiday.  Clearly Morningstar’s brother is being affected by his close proximity to the underworld. Eating red meat and shagging a demon in the back of a car and lying not really being the sort of behavior one associates with an angel.

Christina Chang as Vanessa Dunlear

One highpoint of the episode had Lucifer solving Dunlear’s murder, or at least intuiting that Mrs. Dunlear killed her hubby, and then getting shot by the murderer.  Morningstar’s exasperated, “Oh bloody hell,” was brilliant.

(As was the devil’s “pun-line” about the plastic surgeon in the charity gala audience: “Tucking marvelous.”)

Morningstar is still evolving enough so that he accepts Maze back into the fold, also so much that at one point Decker tells him she misses the old Lucifer.  As he and Maze talk, the devil makes the connection between his “mortality” and Chloe. Lucifer goes to see Decker to prove his theory.

As they talk, Chloe tells Lucifer that he makes her vulnerable. As he listens, Morningstar cuts his hand with a knife and bleeds. Holding his injured hand behind him, Lucifer replies that Decker apparently makes him vulnerable as well.

Tom Ellis continues to kick arse in his depiction of Lucifer. Kevin Alejandro (Dan, aka Detective Douche), Lauren German and Lesley-Ann Brandt have all taken their characters to the next level and D.B. Woodside dominates any scene he is in.  Addictive acting and story, this one is a keeper. 

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX.



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