Quantico: Care – Trafficking (Review)


Things appear to be heading to a conclusion on Quantico, in Care,  where human trafficking is the subject under study back at the academy.  In the present Simon and Alex “use” Ryan Booth to steal a CIA asset who turns out to be Will Olsen.

The twins, at the academy, fight to keep Miranda’s experiment running despite the bureau and Liam not being supportive. Shelby is still struggling to deal with the fact her parents are still alive and Caleb pushes for her to meet with them. Alex agrees with Haas and Wyatt crumples under pressure.

With the academy’s latest assignment taking place in Canada, the NATs must cross the border illegally and the winning team gets the field assignment of their choice.  Shelby’s parents can meet with her in Canada without fear of extradition

In the present, Alex impersonates Nimah and Simon, Ryan Booth as they infiltrate the CIA holding cell where Will is being held. The sudden re-emergence of Olsen makes it seem that the NATs helping of Haas ended badly.

Shelby’s parents reveal that they sold software to the opposition and could be tried as war criminals, hence the disappearing act.  The couple, played by Kevin Kilner and Kelly Rutherford, turn out to there to con more money from their daughter. Caleb learns of their plan and pays them off with the 5 million and tells them their game is over.

Simon and Alex grab Will from the CIA and Ryan angrily accuses  Parrish of taking the asset. When she proves that she never left the bureau, Ryan refuses to believe it. Liam tells Booth to back off as he is starting to sound like Alex.

Will, is keen to help Alex and Simon track down the voice on the other end of the phone. He was also more than willing to help Caleb back at Quantico.  Olsen, who hacked the NSA database and has it in his head, is turned over to the voice’s contact along with Simon.

Parrish has to give her phone back to the driver of the van who turns out to be Shelby Wyatt (Johanna Braddy).

The wheel keeps spinning back to Caleb Haas (Graham Rogers) in this scenario.  The fact that Haas is the common denominator here is obvious. The triangle of Olsen, Wyatt and Haas has Caleb at the apex of the structure and therefore still part of a ever shorter list of suspects. 


Haas is not seen at all in the present timeline of Quantico. No one mentions him, not even Shelby, before trouncing off, referred to him after the second bomb went off in the investigation room.  Considering Caleb’s character arc, he does seem the most likely candidate, especially now that Wyatt is seen driving the terrorist’s van.

There could be another scenario at play. As the number of Alex’s classmates get whittled down (Vasquez, Harper and Duncan, along with any number who were blown up in the second explosion) it seems that the entire class have been targeted.

The NATs all have had multiple layers in this show.  Hidden agendas, past peccadilloes that  have been covered up and somewhat less than sterling backgrounds all seem to be part and parcel of these new recruits and new agents.

Alex is now alone, with Booth convinced of her guilt, as Simon and Will Olsen are taken into the van along with her cell phone. It looks like Parrish will have to target the terrorist alone.

Quantico airs Sunday’s on ABC.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, http://MikesFilmTalk.com Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

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