Dr Ken: Dave’s Sex Talk – PEB and Jessica Alba (Review)


Dr. Ken: Dave’s Sex Talk had its comedy groove on and featured Pat as a PEB dispenser to Clark and Molly explaining the difference between a mom and a “Jessica Alba mom.” It also looked at Dave’s curiosity about sex “outside of baby making.”  We also get Ken as procrastinator and Dr. Julie as babysitter with some hilarious consequences.

The show starts with Dave asking if sex is only for making babies and Ken, the master procrastinator, ignores the question initially and then pretends to fall asleep. Ken then gets news that the Doobie Brothers are playing and he asks Allison to rock out at the concert.

Molly explains to Allison that she is starting to look like a “mom” and not like a Jessica Alba mom.   The teen fashionista then offers to give her mother a make-over.  Allison is not overly keen until she meets the mother of Molly’s friend who is dressed in the same sweater and clogs.

Ken asks Dr. Julie to babysit Dave and the inquisitive youngster asks her the sex question and she ends up giving Dave the “talk.”  She also messes quite a lot up.  Ken is called by Allison who explains that Dave is telling the other kids and getting things wrong.

The moral of the episode is two-fold. Ken avoided giving Dave the talk for fear of his son growing up too soon and not needing him; ergo,  parents fear their children out-growing them and being parents sucks.

Pat’s sneaky a**.

Pat and Damona apparently get back together again after he gives Clark the pre-emptive breakup (PEB0  advice. Clark follows Pat’s advice and actually repairs his relationship with Connor (they are both trying too hard) and Julie learns the true meaning of “foreplay.”

Standout Moments:

(In no apparent order)

Ken’s “Why are you dressed like the Hamburglar’s naughty daughter.” (Which may just be the highlight of the episode.)

Pat’s “Yeah I know Damona and  I boned  a bunch of times but that was different.  I’m the boss.”

Clark: “Thai me a river.”

“Except Scandinavians.”

Molly: “I don’t know what’s happening but it’s dorky and forced.”

Molly:  “A mom-mom and not like a Jessica Alba mom.”

Julie: “Seeks rock-hard guy who can stay up all night.”

Sweater twins.

Ken’s Dana Carvey impression of Carvey’s George Bush impression.

Sweater twins.

Honorable Mention:

The scone museum scene.  In a country where scones are apparently triangular oddities and not the delicious round sweet treats served with Devon clotted cream and strawberry jam (along with a lovely cup of tea) the fact that Ken knows what scones really are made the joke exceptionally funny, despite the American audience not really getting the gag.

Ken taking credit for Kate giving Dave the sex talk until he learns she messed it up.  The second Allison asks what he told their son, Ken instantly rats Julie out.


It was nice to see Pat and Damona continue their May-December thing.Dave Foley and Tisha Campbell-Martin continue to work well as the office  “odd-couple.”  Clark and Connor (Stephen Guarino) are the perfect together and Kate Simses continues to rule as Dr. Julie.  Ken Jeong manages to keep Dr. Ken on form as the procrastinating family man who avoids “awkward” conversations. 

On a personal note, how can one not love  Suzy Nakamura  for wearing that striped outfit (the Hamburglar dress ). The costume was pure  comic genius that made the Ken reference work beautifully. 

Albert Tsai and Krista Marie Yu were, once again, perfect.

The end message of the episode, apart from “PEBs work” is that our children are to be cherished, even when they are “playing” us because it will not be long before they no longer care enough to try. Also,  not every mother can be a “Jessica Alba mom.”

And remember it  is probably  a good idea to handle that sex talk yourself.

Kate Simses rules as Dr. Julie

Dr. Ken airs Fridays on ABC.


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