Lucifer: Favorite Son – Wings (Review)

Watching the FOX series Lucifer, where God’s favorite son leaves his hellish post to mingle with humans and stores his wings in a cargo container in a storage warehouse on the docks, it is hard to believe that Satan is so enamored of becoming mortal


Watching the FOX series Lucifer, where God’s “favorite son” leaves his hellish post to mingle with humans and stores his wings in a cargo container in a storage warehouse on the docks, it is hard to believe that Satan is so enamored of becoming mortal. Since he left Hell, the world topside has not been too overly pleasant.

Sure Lucifer gets to do as he wants and can still punish the guilty but he has had his identity stolen, been shot and injured by the object of his fascination Chloe Decker and now his wings have been stolen. While the prior events were unrelated this latest insult has clearly been orchestrated by one of two “entities.”

Either Mazikeen or Amenadiel (or the two together) must be behind the theft of what Lucifer tried so hard to keep safe. Certainly the angel, Amenadiel, is working a subtle attack on Morningstar by getting under the skin of Linda his shrink and willing sex partner. The sneaky Amenadiel provides the doc with enough religious training to really work on Lucifer.

As has been pointed out before, the Amenadiel of the series is much less violent and bloodthirsty than the one Neil Gaiman and co created for the comics.   Thus far the only time the angel has attacked anything was when he went “fist city” with Mazikeen, aka, the devil’s ninja.

Maze is suspect number two as Lucifer’s protector is desperate to get him back in Hell where he belongs. Although this theft is, like the depiction of Amenadiel in this version of the verse, too subtle by half.

Favorite Son opens with Tom Ellis’ Lucifer pounding the ivories and singing the Nina Simon song Sinner Man  while someone murders a security guard and steals Morningstar’s shipping container.   He later joins Decker (Lauren German) in her murder investigation only to leave when it proves to be boring.

“Just call me when you’ve got a murder with a pulse. Or at least someone good-looking.”

Decker is not amused and when Morningstar comes back, after learning about the theft of his property, she is even less amused.  Part of the storyline this week involves Decker and “Detective Douche” getting a bit friendlier. It also had Decker’s ex meeting Mazikeen and coming out second best.

Maze knocks him out, takes his clothes and puts him in a bed at Chloe’s house.  The end result is Trixie blackmailing her father for chocolate cake (for a year) to get him some clothes and not to tell her mom.

Lucifer insists upon calling Decker “partner” and he does take a proactive role in the investigation of his cargo container being stolen.  Chloe is not impressed and Morningstar has to apologize in order to question the Diablos.

At the biker hangout, they meet two of the gang, amongst others. Renny and the club’s leader Hank Cutter (Tom Sizemore) who, under the influence of Lucifer, admits that his true desire is to move into fashion. He also reveals that at 54 all the bike riding is enlarging his prostate. 

Later Cutter runs to confront Renny who killed the guard and took the container. Renny (Teach Grant) shoots Cutter and when Decker runs to the help the man, Lucifer chases the shooter down. There is a confrontation on a rooftop and after Renny explains that someone hired him to take Morningstar’s property, the killer jumps to his death. 

After the two “partners” recover the stolen container, Lucifer has a session with Linda.  She uses her new knowledge, provided by Amenadiel, and apart from annoying her  “client”  calls Morningstar “Samael the Lightbringer.” As Lucifer’s rage increases he punches through a cinderblock wall stunning the psychiatrist into shocked silence.

Favorite Son provides fresh insight into Chloe Decker’s acceptance of Lucifer as her “partner” when she admits to liking it when Morningstar helps on the cases, despite his “irritation” factor. Detective Douche, aka, Dan (Kevin Alejandro) appears to be pretty intent upon getting back with the mother of his child. 

The episode ended with a shirtless Lucifer standing on a rooftop drinking and raging about the theft of his wings.  The series airs Mondays on FOX, tune in and prepare to have a devil of a time watching this comic adaptation.

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