Castle Season 7 Finale and Stana Katic’s One Year Contract

Promo still for Castle with Fillion and Katic
So Castle’s season 7 finale was pretty well done in terms of allowing the viewer another little slice of Rick’s childhood and “the reason he became a writer of mysteries.” On the same day that Hollander’s Woods aired it was announced that Season 8 was fait accompli and that Stana Katic had signed a “one year” contract which would enable her to return for at least one more season.

While that little tidbit of news begs the question of just how long will Katic continue to stick with Castle if it keeps being renewed for an indefinite amount of seasons.

The season finale on May 11, had Richard facing a childhood demon, almost literally, Kate being wooed to become a Senator while she waits to see if she makes Captain, and Alexis trying to find her way to her own passion. There is also a thread where the newlywed couple show just how far, they have each other’s back.

In fact, one of the best scenes in the show has Castle’s outstretched hand shoved under the barn door; palm up, wedding ring shining, fingers outstretched. “Kate!” he says and she slaps her service revolver in his waiting paw allowing him to kill the madman who is centimeters from making Mrs. Castle a widow.

Good stuff certainly. The nice thing about the season 7 finale was that it could be watched without worrying about the rest of the season. The brilliant cameo from Lance Reddick (Fringe, Bosch) where he attacks Kate during an “interview” gives a splendid recap of the entire season. Although going back to binge watch is not a bad thing in the Castle-verse.

It is amazing that the show has survived for so long. After the first two seasons the show slowed down and lost a bit of its impetus. Season six picked things up nicely and the beginning of this season saw Rick become persona non gratis at the precinct which put a completely different slant on things. This was, of course, after his vanishing act which was a two part cliff hanger started last season.

Stana Katic continues to look more glamorous in each new season and Nathan Fillion looks to have lost a substantial amount of weight. As the show keeps being renewed it is all too easy to picture an older glam couple who each use a zimmer to chase down suspects and Alexis having the unenviable task of picking out a home for the aging crime-fighting duo.

While Castle may not go on quite that long, it is an alarming thought that all the stars of the show could end up pretty long in the tooth before the network finally decides enough is enough. Until then, the idea of another season will please all existing fans. Although the news that Katic only signed a one year contract seems to indicate that if the show goes on past season 8 it may well do so without “Kate.”

Season eight should be interesting. Rick’s “killing a villain” count has gone up by one, (and it is interesting to note that he pumped the mask wearing nut job with what seemed like the entire clip from Kate’s gun) Martha may be moving out and Alexis may also become a “long distance” regular, since she is searching for her passion. A change of showrunner will obviously keep things moving forward and it remains to be seen where Rick and Kate will be heading in the new season.

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28 thoughts on “Castle Season 7 Finale and Stana Katic’s One Year Contract”

  1. Hey Mike great write up as always. I’ve been meaning to comment on this post for SO long but life kept getting in the way, but I made sure to remember to come back to this after I caught up and finished season 7 a few weeks ago. Season 7 was a bit iffy for me at the start because of the handling of Castle’s disappearance, but with the 3xk storyline and the final episodes, the show got back on track and was fun to watch again, and that finale was beautiful, I felt so much love in Rick’s speech and the way the episode eneded would be a great way to end the show. But since the show’s been updated for season 8, I guess that we’ll have more adventures for Kate and Richard.

    It is crazy to think that the show has survived as long as it has, I mean I love me some Castle. but I just hope it does get concluded before it gets boring or dull. I love this show and it’s probably in my top 10. That being said I hope that season 8 is good and not just continued for the sake of viewing and network pushing.

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    1. I agree! I adore Castle and did so even when the seasons drooped a little after the third season. Katic and Fillion make a great team and hopefully they will continue delivering a great and entertaining show! 🙂

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  2. I’ve been trying to reconnect with Susan Sullivan but so far no luck traversing the “Castle” and ABC links. I last saw her in the mid 80’s, I think. She was in Boston promoting a charity or something.
    She swept into the TV station where I worked. Then, in very grand style, approached and greeted me as if we were long lost, very close pals. I knew I had the crowd so I played the scene for all its worth. There was a promise “to do lunch or dinner and catch up”, a fetching kiss and then she swept out of the newsroom.
    I knew all eyes were on Susan’s exit and me watching her. So, I just smiled and chuckled.
    I counted to 10 before colleagues approached me with questions…

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  3. good recap! i felt that they made this season finale a possible series finale if ever the show gets cancelled. even if the show doesn’t get renewed i’m happy at how they ended it, at least the 3xk story arc is finally done haha that one took a very long time to finish. oh and the thing about alexis finder her passion might be a chance for a…alexis castle spinoff? eh? again, good summary and cheers!


    1. Thanks! A real “hedge their bets” end to the season, I agree. It was nice to see 3XK get closure after so many seasons as the show’s boogeyman. I like the idea for an Alexis spinoff…a new home for Martha? Plus Rick could drop in from time to time, another chance for Fillion to fatten his wallet! LOL Cheers matey!!


      1. Thanks for word about “Castle” being renewed, Mike. It is one of our favorites, right behind “NCIS”. We watched the first season for a few shows, then deserted for some unremembered reason. A friend who’s a super Castle fan got us to revisit the show this year. So we’ve been catching up via reruns and first runs. Susan Sullivan is an old college chum. I took drama courses with her. I remember doing a scene from “The Rainmaker” with her. She was terrific. I was lousy. We are looking forward to “Castle” next season, hopefully with more of Martha and Alexis in the shows. Maybe more of Jim Brolin as Castle’s Dad. Thanks, Mike!

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      2. Actually, an Alexis (Molly Quinn) spinoff would be a very good idea. The girl is beautiful and talented … and her character has depth and potential. And the old stars of Castle 1.1 could continuing being themselves. Ala Cheers to Frasier.

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      3. It would be brilliant. For a character that usually has very little screen time, at least recently, it would be nice to see more of her. She is one of those rare folks who started out in the business as an incredibly beautiful girl and who has managed to keep those looks as an adult and she can act! Perhaps a petition? LOLOL 🙂


      4. No worries matey! I’ve had love affair with Castle from the beginning, even when the show lost a bit of its sparkle I stuck with it…mostly via binge watching. I adore Sullivan and love the power that she brings to her characters just by being on screen! Fingers crossed most definitely that both she and Molly Quinn come back and I would LOVE to see more of James Brolin as Pop… Thanks!!!


  4. Garry knew her as a friend (drama majors together). I met her briefly and instantly felt short, dark, and not nearly beautiful enough. But yes, Garry was actually friends with her and has fond memories of her. He has always followed her career with interest.

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    1. One can only hope that she is nothing like the character she played in Dharma and Greg…Now that would be intimidating! LOL It’s funny how old girlfriends can be so off putting. My daughter’s fella has an ex who was great friends with Gemma Atherton (Prince of Persia, Hansel and Gretel) who was also an actress. In her case, however, she was a bit of a nut…LOLOL


      1. I can quote reams of slang from the juvenile gangster world from about three years ago. The current stuff is out of my reach. I’m pretty sure I’m safe with my “bruv, blood, bless yeah, and so on” for a while longer! LOL


      2. There also a small town (very small) in England that is Uxbridge and it is our twin city. We have a bench in front of town hall with Uxbridge, England’s engraving on it. Uxbridge has our Uxbridge, Massachusetts bench, too. From one town in the middle of nowhere to another. So fitting.


  5. It is probably our favorite show right now. Witty and cute crime-fighting couples are a Hollywood tradition. Even though some of the plots are extravagantly unbelievable, believability was the bailiwick of Law & Order. Castle doesn’t worry about such petty details. I don’t know whose decision it was to let go of Susan Sullivan and Molly Quinn, but it wasn’t a good decision. Sullivan is also an old classmate of Garry’s anld of my first husband (Jeff dated her right before … gasp … me). We all went to Hofstra. But I digress. Castle’s family added texture and context to his character, making him one of the rare characters in a series to actually have a real family life and a good one. And Molly Quinn is getting dishier by the day. Sullivan, who is Garry’s age, either has incredibly good DNA or a superb surgeon. And this is by far her best ever role.

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    1. MInd you, I’m only second guessing that the two family members will become less of a presence in the new season. The thing with Martha “hopefully” getting a loft apartment and Alexis’ search for her passion just smacked of character withdrawal to me! Wow, so you know Susan Sullivan? I’ve been in love with her since Dharma and Greg… where she played Dharma’s mum, although she’s done much much more. I’ve been a fan for years. And Molly Quinn does indeed get prettier in every episode and her interaction with her TV father makes me think of my daughter and me. She was the perfect choice to play Rick’s child.


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