Read on to hear (no pun intended) about the brief history of the hearing aid from one who knows…

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This is a lengthy comment to a blog posted by the imminent eminent wordsmith known as Evil Squirrel.  Squirrel’s blog For whom the Beltones ... was a humorous look at the history of aids for the hearing-impaired and the advertising of the 1980s.

Squirrel, this is truly evil. Maybe even blatantly racist if I can find an angle. I love it! You’re yelling to the choir with this one.

garry and tom walpole TV

As you may know, I have needed hearing aids since I was a kid, back to the days when they were the small portable radios with a wire and earpiece. It was damned humiliating for a young guy.

As time went by, technology upgraded me to tiny, all in the ear aids. They were invisible on TV so it was great for me since I wore my aids all the time at work — except when I did live shots. Then, I…

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13 thoughts on “WHAT? – GARRY ARMSTRONG”

      1. I go through stages of that. What slays me is when I have gone over an article about six or seven times and then discover later, with a flush of almost painful embarrassment, that a typo has slipped past me! It is always, “Edit! Now!” LOL


      2. I know what you mean. I’ve found that it happens more now that I can’t read my stuff out loud. I could, but I think the staff at Burger King would get annoyed and I’d lose my privileged customer status! LOL Having said that, the reading out loud thing still allows the occasional boo-boo through! Oh well!


      3. Yeah, I’ve found that only works after the reading it backwards bit and then still allows a few zingers to get through! Editing it, and always will be, the bane of the writer’s existence! LOL


      4. I’m pretty good at doing other folks’ stuff and close to abysmal editing my own. That old, “I expect to see it the right way, so I do,” thing…


      5. I suspect that is typical. I’m much better on someone else’s stuff because I really SEE it. My own stuff, I see what I meant to say, not necessarily what’s really written.


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