Sleepy Hollow an Evil Pied Piper (Review)

Sleepy Hollow an Evil Pied Piper (Review)

Sleepy Hollow continues to amuse and combine action with Biblical references and now an evil pied piper, one not, as Ichabod says, from Hamelin. This magical piper had more in common with the main protagonist from the video game Assassin’s Creed than the musical rat catcher from the Brothers Grimm or Robert Browning. In the sequence where Crane explains the piper’s abilities, this flute playing demon performs mid-air death dealing and moves that look to have been influenced by the Ubisoft game although, thankfully, the deadly assassin’s attire has not been aped here.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

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