Jennifer Lawrence Nudity iCloud and Apple Who is Zooming Who

Jennifer Lawrence Nudity iCloud and Apple Who is Zooming Who

While the current headlines are screaming about Jennifer Lawrence and her personal nudity being stolen from iCloud and the fact that Apple may not be safe as it should be, the big question here is, just who is zooming who. Points will be given for those who can spot the obvious pun in this thoughtful query. The business of stealing celebrity’s personal images is booming and while there are teens, prepubescent males and the older curiosity seeking man or woman who want to know just what Mary Elizabeth Winstead looks like in her birthday suit, hackers will attempt to provide.

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4 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence Nudity iCloud and Apple Who is Zooming Who”

    1. It could be the case, but as the photos numbered in the hundreds, it seems the former more than the latter. Also in Lawrence’s case, she has not commented but gone straight to the authorities…


      1. Ah .. I guess not then.
        Next question: Why have hundreds of nude photos of yourself?
        I don’t have any.
        I suppose they weren’t all nude photos though …


      2. I understand that some of them were photoshopped fakes, the hacker in question was attempting to charge for all the photos, in bit coin, and he/she was complaining bitterly that no one wanted to pay!


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