Longmire Cowboy Detecting With Reservations (Recap/Review)

Longmire Cowboy Detecting With Reservations (Recap/Review)

A&E’s Longmire had its season three premiere with the episode The White Warrior on Monday and this cowboy detecting series continues the season two storyline and the sheriff still has problems dealing with the Reservation’s law enforcement officials. Those new to the series may have to brush up on past events since this season follows on almost immediately from last year’s finale.
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24: Falling in Love Again (Recap/Review)

24: Falling in Love Again (Recap/Review)

It has to be admitted up front that in 2001 when <em>24</em> and Jack Bauer hit television screens with all the real-time power of a runaway freight train, getting excited about the show was easy, now 13 years later it’s a case of falling in love again with Bauer, the format and Kiefer Sutherland.

Maleficent Opening Weekend It Is Good to be Bad

Maleficent Opening Weekend It Is Good to be Bad

It seems that Disney films, even ones that go against “tradition” are almost guaranteed a good opening weekend, Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie has proved this with a very strong open that shows it is good to be bad, at least on celluloid. With this alternate version of the classic story of Sleeping Beauty grossing a domestic return of $70 million and a studio estimate of $100 million worldwide, the Walt Disney Studio hierarchy must be dancing with joy.
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Gangnam Style Proves K-Pop Rules YouTube at Two Billion Views (Video)

Gangnam Style Proves K-Pop Rules YouTube at Two Billion Views (Video)

A little under two years ago PSY and his music video Gangnam Style started its journey as a YouTube sensation and the artist has gone on to prove that K-Pop rules the channel with well over two billion views…and rising. The 36 year-old ex-military, pop star has become an international phenomenon and despite being cheated out of YouTube’s first annual music video awards contest, is now the biggest star on the Google owned site, in terms of views if nothing else. The video is down below for those who may have missed it the first time.
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