Cowboy’s Girl Kickstarter Film Stars Tony Todd

Cowboy's Girl Kickstarter Film Stars Tony Todd

Cowboy’s Girl is a Kickstarter short film that will star Tony Todd. The film is about a woman’s personal journey to find closure and answers in dealing with there absentee father. Cowboy, is the man in question and he has re-invented himself to fill the boots of an American western hero who watches out over his weekly renters in the rundown chain of motels that he oversees.

The man is charming, charismatic, unstable, angry, violent and a master manipulator. His world is one of self delusion and denial. Karina, his estranged daughter comes to Las Vegas to find out whether or not this stranger is really her biological father. As writer producer Diahnna Nicole Baxter says, her own childhood was not too dissimilar to her protagonist’s. She also went on a personal journey to find truth and forgiveness with her own estranged father. It was this search that became Cowboy’s Girl.

Tony Todd plays the crack addict whose unpredictability and ability to manipulate women to do his bidding make him hard to get close to. Karina (Baxter) knows that the chances of getting close enough to this complex man will be difficult and that what ever answers she gets from him will be hard to get.

The award winning actor earned legendary status as the iconic Candyman in the 1992 film of the same name. His tragic villain earned the actor a place in the hearts of horror fans everywhere and he has returned to the genre again and again. He has had roles in all the Final Destination films sans one and could be classed as one of the busiest actors in Hollywood.

Currently, according to IMDb, Todd is working on the film Paint. This busy man took time out to make a video in support of his co-star’s film which can be seen below:

Diahnna Nicole Baxter reveals on the film’s Kickstarter site – which has only three days left to meet the target of $30,000 – that the story of Karina in Cowboy’s Girl is based on a visit she paid her estranged father years ago in Las Vegas. She made the visit based on information that his years of drug addiction left him with very little time left after having a heart attack.

Baxter wanted to see her father for a lot of reasons, to challenge him and his treatment of her over the years; to prove that she did not need him and other complex and often confusing issues. However, Diahnna says that what she wanted most was one defining answer that would “magically solve” all her issues of “self worth and identity.”

She says that the film was inspired by this visit and that it is for all the orphans and children who felt abandoned. For more information on the Kickstarter film Cowboy’s Girl starring Tony Todd you can follow the links featured below. Once you’ve been to the site dig deep and give what you can to help bring this personal story of relationships to the screen.

By Michael Smith
May 5, 2014 Las Vegas, Nevada


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