‘Contracted’ Morality Tale Film With a Twist

‘Contracted’ Morality Tale Film With a Twist

Available on U.S. Netflix right now is another film from Arkansas writer/director Eric England; Contracted, is a morality tale film with a twist that viewers will not see coming. Despite leaving enough signposted hints that should tell the eagle-eyed audience member in advance how this story will end, the final frames will surprise and impress the viewer. The film is clever, subtle, and gently eases the audience into the gripping story of a lovelorn woman who loses everything by the time the end credits roll.


Fargo Episode 7 Sigh of Relief and Malvo Strikes Again

Fargo Episode 7 Sigh of Relief and Malvo Strikes Again

Episode 7 of Fargo begins with Gus looking guilty in a hospital while the other inhabitants move backward to the sounds of Lester’s brother talking to his son Gordon; before the show ends viewers can breathe a sigh of relief and Malvo strikes again increasing the body count significantly.

In Fear

Lovely little review of a little British film…Read on…

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fear_3-1060x655New couple Tom and Lucy head to a secluded hotel for a romantic getaway before meeting their friends at a music festival. When they get lost following signs that appear to send them on a wild goose chase it becomes apparent that there is more to it than dodgy road signs.

‘The best British chiller since The Descent’ is a very tall statement, emblazoned on the front of the DVD cover. Indeed In Fear certainly has the potential to thrill; set in the gorgeous Irish countryside with a small cast of three talented young actors, a simple yet effective plot and boasting the same makers that brought us Sightseers. However the simplicity leaves the film lacking in parts and it doesn’t quite have that edge that one would hope for in a film like this.

The two lead actors do a brilliant job carrying the entire film. The majority…

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Heroes of Cosplay Returns to SyFy Starting With Stan Lee (Recap/Review)

Heroes of Cosplay Returns to SyFy Starting With Stan Lee (Recap/Review)

The second half of Heroes of Cosplay season one returns to the SyFy channel by starting out with the new Stan Lee Comikaze competition in Los Angeles. There are two categories at the event, individual and group.

Mad Men Halt and Catch Fire U.S. Pop Culture Revisited

Mad Men Halt and Catch Fire U.S. Pop Culture Revisited

AMC struck gold with their series Mad Men, which dealt with “ad” men whose actions take place throughout one of the most tumultuous time periods of history and the network is trying to catch lightning in a bottle once more with Halt and Catch Fire, another U.S. pop culture time period revisited. Will the new pretender to the throne be a winner or will it sink quietly in the computerized chaos that the show reflects.