Philip Seymour Hoffman Death: Paul Walker Revisited

Philip Seymour Hoffman Death: Paul Walker Revisited

Philip Seymour Hoffman and his untimely death has made headlines across the world and in the sense that the surprising news of his demise has stunned fans of actor, it feels almost like Paul Walker revisited. Both men were well known; Walker for the Fast & Furious film franchise and his philanthropic philosophy and Hoffman for his powerhouse acting skills. The news that Hoffman had been found dead in his Greenwich Village apartment with a needle in his arm, the apparent victim of an overdose, has shocked the Hollywood community.


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22 thoughts on “Philip Seymour Hoffman Death: Paul Walker Revisited”

  1. Now that is a shocker.
    Really liked him as an actor.
    Evidently there’s some deadly heroin going around – spiked with something – that has killed quite a few people. I don’t know what Hoffman may have been using, but …


    1. Sadly, it may not have been so much what he was using as how much he was using, he was found, needle in arm, surrounded by empty heroin packets (envelopes)…such a tragic waste of talent…


      1. It was a couple of years ago at one of the Oscar shows, they had a bunch of the old (emphasis on OLD) actresses — Ginger and Sophia and a couple of others … They all looked like walking corpses or ghouls. It was horrible. Even with soft lighting.


      1. Nope! I had no idea, but, then I’ve never been a huge fan of Hoffman, his eclectic roles were, with the exception of Boogie Nights, a bit too eclectic…Oh and The Big Lebowski! He was just outside my periphery…


      2. Garry wasn’t exactly a fan, but he respected him and liked his work. I liked his work too, though I’m not as much of a fan as Garry (obviously). Neither of us knew and Garry follows Hollywood gossip.


      3. Every woman knows. That’s why so many keep trying to redo themselves via plastic surgery. They want to be cute again. They usually end up looking like zombies. Which I don’t think is what they had in mind.


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