Paul Walker: Marilyn Monroe of the New Millennium?

Paul Walker: Marilyn Monroe of the New Millennium?

In a previous article it was opined that Paul Walker could be seen as the modern equivalent of James Dean, it would probably be more accurate to think of the 40 year-old actor as the Marilyn Monroe of the new millennium. While Walker’s passing was the result of a car accident and Monroe’s “probable suicide” via overdose can only be used as a parallel because of the intense public interest in the two celebrity deaths.

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4 thoughts on “Paul Walker: Marilyn Monroe of the New Millennium?”

  1. Monroe was a Mega Star … and unique.
    Walker doesn’t fill either of those … high heels.
    I dare say there are plenty of folks around who don’t even know who Walker is/was.
    And it’s questionable that Walker may even be remembered 30 years from now.
    I’m saying in derision toward him; He may have been a fine person and actor. ??
    The tragedy of the whole event – apart from his early death – is that he seemed to on his way up. So we will never know where he might have gone artistically.


    1. Thank you for your considered response. I meant that in terms of intrigue and fans wanting to believe the “unimaginable” as to what caused his death. He really was more like James Dean, in that Dean did not reach a high measure of fame until he died. His star was just rising. The only comparison, as mentioned in the article, was that both “stars’ had conspiracy theories out the wazoo and Monroe’s took years to calm down because of the lack of a world wide web. Walker’s death, and the coverage of it in the old fashioned days of printed press would most likely never have reached the fevered pitched it has so soon after his demise. Cheers! 😀


      1. Mike,
        So true what you say about modern media, my friend. All events of our moment are coloured by it’s monumental impact. We have to wonder what the future holds.


      2. I agree completely, the future has so many different ways that it can go, and thank God, or whoever is in charge “up there” that I’ve gotten my sense of excitement back to seeing what is in store! Cheers!!


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