Duck Dynasty: Give Me That Old Time Religion…Not

Duck Dynasty: Give Me That Old Time Religion…Not

Labelled the most popular show on television, Duck Dynasty has, at its core, a Christian morality and reflects the “Give Me That Old Time Religion…not,” at least according to the producing network. A&E have decided that, despite their decision to exploit an old fashioned family who not only go to church, but, pray after every meal; they don’t wish to offend non-believers. Prayer, it turns out, has been a problem from the very beginning. The family pray quite often; much to the consternation of the network who do not want to cause discomfort to their Muslim audience. Religion is an issue of contention behind the scenes of the popular show.

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8 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty: Give Me That Old Time Religion…Not”

  1. Hey Jcalberta — nope, Phil has a masters degree, I think in education, and all sons have their degrees also.
    Buck Commander and Duck Commander were million dollar business’s before Duck Dynasty.
    They had wealth before this show.
    Phil and his son Chase/jase went duck hunting instead if showing up for the Barbra Walters special, I doubt he cares what any of us think about him.
    Phil plays the shamuck (sp). He knows how to speak but his religous views are very unenlighten. He also has a adopted black grandson.

    I’m not into their humor but they are laughing all the way to the bank.


  2. Really !!?? And I just thot they were a bunch of idiots fooling around in a swamp. (Or is that a different show?) I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was revealed that all these were former street bums from LA – hand picked for this ‘Reality Show’. I’m not a Christian, but it surely is heartening to hear of ANYBODY that gives thanks and says Grace before a meal – instead of just shovelling it in. I might have to give these guys a watch.


  3. I think it will come down to economics and time with A&E. Next season is already filmed and A&E has said they are not going to edit Phil out.
    I’m guessing, just guessing, if ratings stay good next season then Phil will be back but in a limited version.
    A&E is a private company and I don’t know what that means in the media.
    With Paula Deen within days she was gone from all networks and every sponsor bailed. That’s not happening yet with Duck Dynasty. Interesting.
    Merry Christmas to you Yankee!


  4. I don’t have a opinion in this. I don’t like the right wing politicians jumping into this.
    I recall the Paula Deen mess and she had very little support.
    I don’t like what Phil said in that interview and I personally disagree with his beliefs. However I now feel a little more tolerant of 70 year old men who will never change.


    1. I am surprised at the reaction to his stating his beliefs. I think his attitude is outdated, but, that is how he was taught to believe. At least he is not “overtly” homophobic. Still, the network’s knee-jerk reaction has managed to put the whole thing in an unnecessary spotlight. Cheers! 🙂


  5. As a semi watcher of Duck Dynasty, I find their show to mostly be grown men acting like middle school boys.

    They were quite prosperous and their business was doing well before A&E ever picked them up.
    All of Phil’s sons are college graduates and his youngest son is into video production. They had a program on the Outdoor Channel that was redesigned for A&E.
    There has NOT been a huge backlash against Duck Dynasty. At this time I have not heard of them losing any sponsor’s. Several CEO’s went on air to say they have had very little negative backlash and will stuck with the show.
    It’s been interesting to watch and read about.


    1. Cracker Barrel have just taken some of their related products off their merchandise list and believe me, if you type Duck Dynasty into a search engine, you’ll see just how huge the backlash is. Cheers.


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