Only God Forgives Ryan Gosling Intimate Opera (Review)

Only God Forgives Ryan Gosling Intimate Opera (Review)

Only God Forgives, Ryan Gosling’s second film with Nicolas Winding Refn can be best described as an intimate Opera. Set in the seedy underworld of Bangkok; drug smuggling and kickboxing are the backdrop to this dark tale. There is also a strong Oedipal theme in this mind bending psychological and disturbing film.


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7 thoughts on “Only God Forgives Ryan Gosling Intimate Opera (Review)”

  1. I have been to at least 3 recent films where the Director either forget – or didn’t care – that we don’t RELATE with ANYBODY in the film. At least, I surely hope nobody related with them. 2 of these I walked out on. And I should have walked out on the other one. I disliked and disrespected most of the people in these movies – so I really didn’t care what happened to them. Maybe this is great movie making in somebody’s eyes – but to me they were just wasting my time and placing me in extremely vulgar environments amidst extremely extremely vulgar people that I didn’t care to associate with or permit into my consciousness. We are responsible for what we allow into ourselves. So I left.
    Have a nice day.


    1. Great films are like beauty, they are in the eyes of the beholder. I still remember storming out of the cinema the first time I watched Taxi Driver at the shootout scene, later I fell in love with the film and the violence that turned me off has paled with time. Thanks for the insightful comment. 🙂


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