Paul Walker Death: Theories and Questions

Paul Walker Death: Theories and Questions

The number one topic of most conversations right now consists of Paul Walker and his death; along with his good friend Roger Rodas. Many questions are being asked and almost as many theories are making the rounds on the internet. Conspiracies are getting mentioned in the same breath as declarations that the Porsche Carrera GT is a notoriously dangerous car to drive.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

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3 thoughts on “Paul Walker Death: Theories and Questions”

  1. It sad to see any one die in a car accident but I have a Porsche and my guess is he was going fast but I don’t think that was the cause of the accident my guess is it stalled and no control of steering.because you can turn the key right and it shut off .even when the car is in motion.


  2. A drone strike?! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!! Walker was a C list actor who I’m sure just happened to be in a car that crashed. I’m sure no-one meant to kill him! People die in car crashes all the time. Move on, nothing to see here.

    Where do people come up with this rubbish? Ultimately it’s distasteful and a bit disrespectful to his memory.

    Rant over! haha


    1. Yes, I agree that the drone thing was way out there, despite footage that showed what looked like an earth-bound “object” in the video! LOL It is amazing that so many people are ready to believe the more outlandish things being written.

      I agree with your sentiment about his memory. A very nicely put rant, though, I must say. 🙂


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