Man Forced to Dance at Group Interview for Electrical Store

Man Forced to Dance at Group Interview for Electrical Store

Group interviews are all the rage in the United Kingdom. Businesses are preferring the group scenario opposed to the more personal, and money wasting, one-on-one personal interview. For anyone who has not had the pleasure of this experience, it can be daunting.

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3 thoughts on “Man Forced to Dance at Group Interview for Electrical Store”

  1. Group interviews are like a safety net for me, I feel better knowing there are people in the same boat around me, plus if I freak out I can just let other people do the talking 😛
    I’ve got the job in 2 out of 4 group interviews, but all four were so different.
    My IKEA interview was the worst, we ended up having to role play customer service and I HATE public speaking in a ‘stand up in front of a group’ kind of situation (it’s kind of a phobia of mine) and it was soooo embarrassing. I think there’s a line and anything that involves people having to perform (in my mind, role play is drama and dancing isn’t for everyone either!) crosses that line…not everyone is gifted at acting, or in this case dancing, and it’s not a fair way to judge it.
    I just hate how much they ask, I mean that IKEA job was for 12 hours a week of customer service…why do they need a big group interview like that, it went on for pretty much the whole day too. No wonder so many people go jobless if their ability for the job is based on whether or not they fare well talking/dancing/role playing in front of loads of people.
    I feel for this poor guy!!


    1. My feeling exactly. My daughter has had about two or three interviews that were group, it seems to be the new flavour of the moment. She got hired in both the ones she went to, the third, she gave a miss as she wasn’t feeling well. It must work out cheaper somehow or companies wouldn’t do it. Very unfair and this dancing thing? If I had to dance for a job? I’d be living on the street!!


      1. It’s cheaper but also less time consuming…I’ve actually heard them say that 😛 when they want to hire large amounts of people (Go Outdoors and Debenhams, the two jobs I did get, were hiring around 20-30 people at once) it’s a quick way of narrowing it down from like 40-60 people without having to do one to one interviews. Which is stupid really, because it might save time but they have to organise stupid games and idiotic tasks so in the long run it probably takes more time. It’s just laziness and a chance to be shallow and judge people on how they look and how they fare in a group situation when put on the spot…as if that reflects the person’s actual ability for the job -_-
        haha me too, I can’t dance to save my life!! 😛 the worst I had to do was sell a bathmat to the group…how the hell do you sell a bathmat?! I just read info off the label


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