Charlie Sheen angry at Farrah Abraham.

Charlie Sheen angry at Farrah Abraham.

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3 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen angry at Farrah Abraham.”

  1. I don’t feel sorry for Farrah or bad for her about what Shern wrote to her. She is an adult playing an adult game that she does not have to play. This young woman has choices, a family that loves her and could pursue any career.
    Farrah was interviewed at a strip club by TMZ a few days after letter went public. I don’t understand a woman with choices choosing that life. I have nothing against women that have worked in strip clubs either.
    Mike you don’t have to reply to my every comment, I know your busy. I’m just chatting.
    I also know to much about this irrelevant info.
    I going to start reading more. Ha ha!!


  2. Hmm, a woman who has bounced from teen show to paid for her own porn movie to texting Charlie Sheen. Farrah then goes public with texts and expected what? Most people in entertainment would be ticked off texts were made public. Farrah wanted attention and I believe she got what she wanted. Sad Farrah is willing to sell herself for fame. She has said she is trying to follow how K. Kardashian came to fame.
    Charlie’s reply to her was pure Charlie.

    According to TMZ Farrah has accumulated over a million dollars.


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