Stake Land (2010): Zombieland With Teeth

I’m following Tyson’s (Head In A Vice) example of popping up old posts that I’ve updated with new photos just to how well it goes this time. Cheers!

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This is quite possibly the best post-apocalyptic film I have ever seen. Stake Land was co-written by Nick Damici (Mister in the film) and Jim Mickle (director) and it is brilliant piece of horror Americana.

Jim Mickle’s direction is practically flawless, he leaves no loose threads and at no time did the film meander. This was Mickle’s second feature length film and it is  for that reason alone that he shows so much promise. Nick Damici as another of the “Jobbing Actor” types that until now has never been given a decent enough role to show his talent. This man will leave a huge mark in the business. Connor Paolo (as Martin [and what a lovely touch, naming the lead actor after the ‘vampire’ in George A. Romero‘s cult classic]) Paolo has been working steadily since 2003 and it shows. He did a good job.

I was surprised…

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4 thoughts on “Stake Land (2010): Zombieland With Teeth”

  1. After a while, you need to reuse some material. I’ve got well over 1000 posts. Some of the material got very little response first time around … and some stuff, I just LIKE well enough to run it again. I don’t feel, given how much I post, I need to apologize for reruns. If NBC and ABC can do it, so can I. So can you andTyson!


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