Silver Linings Playbook (2012): Almost Old Fashioned Fun


I still remember the moment I saw the trailer for this film. Bradley Cooper is “speed” reading a book; he finishes, slams the book shut; looks at the book, looks up and says, “What…the…f***!” The next shot is the book flying through a closed window. If I remember correctly I spat out a mouthful of coffee and had a combined choking/laughing fit.

“This,” I said, “I’ve got to see.”

I then forgot all about it.

Then, I decided I didn’t want to see it.

Why? Because Jennifer Lawrence was in it.

Now hold on! Not because I don’t like this amazing young actress, but at that point she seemed to be inΒ everything. The law of averages dictate that when you’re in that much stuff you are going to ‘suck big time’ in at least one role. It’s the law of averages, baby; it happens to them all.

Then on a whim, I watched the film.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence: Pat and Tiffany trying to bond.
Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence: Pat and Tiffany trying to bond.

What can I say, I was wrong.

Directed and adapted by David O Russell from Matthew Quick‘s novel of the same name, Silver Linings Playbook is principally about Pat (Bradley Cooper) and Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) and Pat’s family Pat Sr (Robert De Niro) and mom Dolores (Jacki Weaver).

Film score by Danny Elfman.

The film is also about family, coping, living, adapting, and trying. It is also about realisation and taking chances.

Pat is in a bad place in his life at the start of the film. He has been institutionalised and put on medication after he comes home and finds wife Nikki in the shower with a teacher colleague. He, quite understandably to my mind, freaks out and beats the shit out of the guy. While all this is going on, the music that played from his and Nikki’s wedding reception.

This music is a “trigger” for Pat and when he is upset or just hears the song, he gets very stressed and violent. The episode with Nikki culminates not only in his incarceration, but a diagnosis of Bi-Polar Disorder (what used to be termed Manic Depressive) and put on medication.

Pat gets released from the institute and his mom collects him. Pat is invited to an old friends house for dinner where he meets Tiffany, a young widow and the sister of his friend’s wife. She suffers from a mental disorder as well after she went “off the deep end” when her policeman husband was killed on duty.

Chris Tucker rocking it as Danny. Great Cameo, we missed you Chris.
Chris Tucker rocking it as Danny. Great cameo, we missed you Chris.

The rest of the film deals with Pat’s obsession with Nikki and his (almost) undying belief that they will get back together. Along the way, he is trying to reconcile with his parents, especially his OCD dad, and attempting to understand Tiffany. Meanwhile, he’s learning a dance routine with Tiffany for a contest.

This could have been a giant leap backwards in terms of film, it almost felt like the old romantic comedies of yesteryear. The only “new” element of this “RomCom” was the device of mental disorder affecting three of the main characters. I fell in love with all the characters, especially Pat and his family and Tiffany. All the actors really sold their roles and Chris Tucker in his cameo role as Danny rocked it.

Just a quick word about De Niro; he really did well as the OCD addicted gambler dad. He’s been “sleepwalking” a lot of his roles lately. It’s nice to see you wake up Robert; welcome back.

And another quick word about Jennifer Lawrence, she made me think of a young Angie Dickenson. If the powers that be ever decide to remake Rio Bravo, she could and should play Feathers.

This movie made me laugh, cringe, think and cry. It is no wonder that Lawrence won an Oscar for her performance and that this film got so many nominations (and a BAFTA). It is that good.

An easy 5 out of 5 stars for a film that delivers it all. A word of advice have tissues handy you’ll need them, I did.

Lawrence getting that well deserved Oscar.
Lawrence getting that well deserved Oscar.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

39 thoughts on “Silver Linings Playbook (2012): Almost Old Fashioned Fun”

  1. Lovely review yo, you basically highlighted all of the film’s good points in a detailed and yet concise way. I’m glad you enjoyed this film. I intially never had any interest in watching this film, but then I saw some god reviews so I had a look and I ended up really liking it. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence did was well as the title characters, I was really surprised with Chris Rock, while I am a fan of his this was his most tamest role and he was great and not annoying in the slightest.


    1. Yeah, Chris Tucker being in the film was pleasant bonus! He really did well with his cameo as Danny! I kept putting off watching it as well! LOL Thanks mate!


  2. Good review Mike. Just an overall sweet movie that you can’t hate. If you do, something’s wrong with your insides. I hate to say it.


  3. Nice one Mike. Glad you liked it. As rule I normally avoid RomCom’s. Can’t abide them but this was a fresh and original movie on it’s own right. It slipped into formula towards the end but by that time I was completey sold anyway. Excellent performances across the board and it’s fantastic to see DeNiro deliver the goods again.


      1. I’ll try to watch it sometime soon. Problem is that I keep falling asleep halfway through movies these days. Stupid old age! ;o)


  4. A very good and unusual movie … with some subtle (and some not so subtle) messages. I liked the analogy that socially acceptable insanity – like obsessive football (sports) fanaticism is OK – and not even recognized as being unbalanced – while other things are a no-no.
    Great performances all around.
    And for those who don’t like Bradley Cooper … shame on you. He’s a very good actor And he is not NEW. He has a lot of work under his belt. And very soon WILL win and Oscar … should have been nominated for Limitless.


  5. lol you and your crying xD haha bless
    nice review πŸ˜€
    I know what you mean about actors that are in everything…that was my reservation about Bradley Cooper xD not so much Jennifer Lawrence because the only thing I’d seen her in before this was The Hunger Games.


    1. I such a soppy old git! LOL I wasn’t foo worried about Cooper as he’s been around a while, with Lawrence it felt more like “flavour” of the moment. Happily my fears were ungrounded! πŸ˜€


      1. haha you are πŸ˜›
        I’ve never liked Bradley Cooper in anything; for one, it’s all a bit of a fad because everyone thinks he’s hot (I think he looks like a lizard, but there we go) and I’ve only ever seen him trying to be funny, like in the hangover…I (wrongly) thought he was one of those actors that’s the same in everything.


      2. Interesting…I’ve only seen him in Hangover and Midnight Meat Train. MMT he really sold it and I’ve been a fan ever since. πŸ˜€


      3. I was put off midnight meat train…by the premise, the title…it icked me out just thinking about it!
        I’ve watched a LOT of shitty rom coms and he’s just the same guy in everything.


      4. How funny. Yeah I stumbled upend Midnight Meat Train because Vinnie Jones was in it; Ted Raimi (doing what he does best – cameo death roles) and Leslie Bibb, who I had a slight crush on! LOL Add in the fact that it was adapted from a Clive Barker short story, I couldn’t resist!


      5. I’d heard it’s good and all, I just can’t stomach all the gore xD I used to be able to…don’t know what’s happened! I was watching some clips from various films the other day, the 50 goriest movie scenes or something…and it made me feel faint xD haha I was so queasy! Ridiculous I know, lol


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