Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Short Film

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I know I know, you’re probably sick of updates on this short film but I had to post another one!
Everything has come together nicely, and as always it turns out I was stressing over nothing! Now, generally at least one thing has to go wrong before it can all go smoothly, but as yet nothing has gone wrong! The only two things left to sort out are; the location and the equipment. I’m awaiting an email back about the location, but it’s a friend of mine (well, the house is her parents’ but you know!) and she assures me it won’t be a problem, so fingers crossed. The equipment is the only thing I can see going wrong.
We have a camera already, which belongs to one of the crew, so all we need is an Edirol and boom mic to record the audio, a dolly, a tripod and…

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