Short Film (Once Bitten, Twice Shy) Progress

An update on the upcoming film, I’ll be in…Check it out!!

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obtsnewThought it was about time I posted an update about my upcoming short Once Bitten, Twice Shy which I’ve been planning for a while now. So far I’ve got a script, a crew, actors and have started getting props. I’ve spoken to someone about a possible location but need to chase them up soon…should be fine though! And fundraising is going well.

Fortunately being as we’ve got access to a media loan shop here at uni we can get high end equipment for free, equipment is obviously a large part of a films budget so in that respect we’re very lucky! We’re shooting on a Canon 550D which have beautifully crisp pictures, and recording sound using a generic recording device like an Edirol (probably will be an Edirol but there’s a couple of different options) with a boom mic attached. Then there’s lighting and a tripod and dolly…so thankfully not…

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