Notes on a Cowardly Lion: The Biography of Bert Lahr — Review by Garry Armstrong

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It’s been more than a week since I finished reading the Bert Lahr biography, “Notes on a Cowardly Lion“, written by his son, John. I am still emotionally involved. Why?

Why does a book written more than 40 years ago about a show business figure who peaked more than 70 years ago still sit front and center in my mind? I’m a retired TV and radio news reporter with more than 40 years in “the business”. The “news biz” is journalism, but it’s also performance, even for those of us who strive for objectivity.

Part of the job is celebrity too. When you appear on television five or six days a week for more than four decades, you become a household face. People ask for your autograph. You receive special treatment in stores and restaurants. Twelve years into retirement, folks still recognize me, tell how they grew up watching…

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2 thoughts on “Notes on a Cowardly Lion: The Biography of Bert Lahr — Review by Garry Armstrong”

  1. I shall write you via email and tell you how to become a book reviewer. You get a lot of books for free and that’s good. You are really supposed to read and review them, which sounds good and may be … to a point. The problem is that a lot of the books are pretty bad. Some are seriously awful. They sound good when described, but the actual book can be very different.


    1. You’ve got that right. If I had a penny for every book I picked up after reading the back cover’s description and then got it home to find that it was DROSS! Oh, and bore no semblance to the book described. Yeah, slush piles do get printed, I’ve discovered! But, yes please, free books are good! Even if I have to read dross. Thanks mate! 😀


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