Rosewood: Ballistics & BFFs – Murderous Sting (Review)

In Rosewood: Ballistics & BFFs A dentist is shot “mid-patient” and Villa falls out with Rosie over a sting meant to catch a murderous cop on the take.


In Rosewood: Ballistics & BFFs  A dentist is shot “mid-patient” and Villa falls out with Rosie over a sting meant to catch a murderous cop on the take. Max, the M.E. down at the precinct has a major meltdown and is replaced by Anita who has a thing for Rosewood.

The episode starts with a dentist working on his patient getting shot in the back by a window cleaner.  Detective Villa has a new partner; Det. Russ Hame (Scott Porter) and upon meeting the man, Rosie’s hackles rise and he is not happy.

Villa and Hame have a history; they went through the academy together and competed throughout and were also partners at one time.  The interaction between the new partners is fluid, snappy and flirty.

As the case of the murdered dentist continues the victim’s body is transferred to Rosewood’s lab and the torso has a gaping hole in the chest filled with newspaper. Apparently, Max could not find the bullet and began removing organs and cutting them up. It was this that caused the M.E. to flip out and quit.

While the pathologist works on finding the bullet he also begins looking into Detective Hame’s background. Rosie’s learns that the cop’s previous partner was killed on the job and that Hame was there.

Villa seems to be getting on very well with her new partner. Rosewood is told by Annalise and Captain Hornstock to back off and just do the pathological work, i.e. the autopsy on “Dr. Dust” the murdered drug dealing dentist.

Rosewood disregards both his colleagues and puts investigating the murdered dentist on the back burner while he looks at Villa’s new partner. He gets a lead on the latter from Max’s replacement Anita (Sherri Shepard). There are discrepancies in the report that Hame filed when compared with the autopsy of his dead partner.

Rosie decides to look into the death of Hame’s partner, Det. Garrett while waiting for DNA tests on the dentist murder.  As he goes over the evidence, Villa comes in and learns that he is investigating her new partner.  She gets angry and after a short tirade, tells Rosie that they are through.

Afterward, Annalise complains to Hornstock about Rosie and that she cannot keep working on the Hame “sting,” and not tell Rosewood.  It is revealed that the two are working to get Det. Hame for murdering his former partner.  Meanwhile Rosewood works out that Hame killed his partner and faked the wound in his hand.

Hame and Villa continue investigating the dentist’s murder.  Hornstock has his own meltdown at the press conference. Rosie catches the captain and his mother in a compromising position.

One of Rosewood’s informants tells Villa and Hame about a new drug dealer in town called Novka (Michael Filipowich) and the two head down to talk with the new player.  Rosie gatecrashes the investigation and while Annalise tells him of, Hame arranges a hit on his new partner with the dealer.

As Villa is being fitted with a wire, Rosie drops by and asks his BFF to tell him she doesn’t miss their working together. Annalise replies that she does not and Rosewood leaves.  Rather than stop  his investigation into Hame he continues, with a passion,  and works out that the cop shot himself.

Meanwhile, Hornstock sets up the victim’s office to pull off the sting on Hame.  Russ takes Annalise to Novka’s lair instead of Milling’s dental practice and once they are inside, the cop killer pulls a gun on Villa.

Detective’s Villa, Hame and drug dealer Novka.

Novka and his cronies come out for the kill. Rosie shows up at the crucial moment. Villa pulls a masterful bluff on Hame. Novka and his colleagues turn out to be D.E.A. Hornstock arrives in time to put the cuffs on the murderous cop ending the sting.

The dentist, Dr. Milling, was murdered by his next door neighbor and the captain does his next press conference with no problem.  Villa and Rosie get back together and ride off in the GTO.

Guest star Scott Porter does an excellent job as the smarmy, too friendly, trying too hard new partner.  We suspect the guy immediately because as Morris Chestnut‘s character says, “no one smiles that much.”

Jaina Lee Ortiz plays her part well in this sting operation and her telling Rosie off was impressively real.  Great stuff as always on this series. Great pacing, story and camera work. There are no continuity gaffes here and the show continues to look brilliant. 

The other regulars on the show do their usual jobs of impressing and Rosewood entertains on many levels. The show airs Wednesdays on FOX.