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Screen shot with DeVitto, Nevin, and Paetkau

I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer: A Sequel Too Far (2006)

While it is always nice to see Brooke Nevin in anything, the fact she is in I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, does not elevate this straight to video 2006 sequel of the original fisherman with a hook horror films. Not even the presence of Torrey DeVitto has elevated the film’s status (if… Read More ›

‘Contracted’ Morality Tale Film With a Twist

‘Contracted’ Morality Tale Film With a Twist Available on U.S. Netflix right now is another film from Arkansas writer/director Eric England; Contracted, is a morality tale film with a twist that viewers will not see coming. Despite leaving enough signposted hints that should tell the eagle-eyed audience member in advance how this story will end, the… Read More ›

Netflix Review: Haunter 2013 Under Released Hidden Gem (Trailer)

Netflix Review: Haunter 2013 Under Released Hidden Gem (Trailer) Netflix continues to deliver hidden gems which, for one reason or another, were “under released” when distributed initially; one such movie is the 2013 film Haunter, after watching this brilliant out-of-the-box movie I had to write a review…immediately. The film stars Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine, Zombieland),… Read More ›


2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams Worst Film Ever

I do realise that  branding 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams as the worst film ever leaves me open to all kinds of arguments. I will take the chance of having other people’s candidates for that “honour” thrown in my face, but, it is worth the risk.  It is very seldom that I find a film… Read More ›

The Bay

The Bay Grown up Found Footage

After passing over this film on the Playstation store repeatedly, I finally watched the trailer and it caught my interest. I watched it and decided to “give it a go.” I’m glad I did. Although it uses the “found footage” formula that is quickly become a new genre of film, I agree with David Cox of The… Read More ›


Grave Encounters 2 Better the Second Time Around

I watched the previous Vicious Bros film, Grave Encounters (2011) which was also written and directed by the two men. I enjoyed the film, apart from a few annoying moments and when I reviewed it, I was pretty fair in my assessment. It was a good film, but nothing to write home about. It was… Read More ›


V/H/S (2012) Fantastic Found Tape Fear

I had thought that I was pretty much burnt out on “found footage” films. But my excitement levels rose after this film got into its second vignette  out of the six “mini” films on offer here. Although the film really falls into the anthology genre, a few horror films do this really well but the… Read More ›


The Tortured Torture Porn With a Message

Directed by Robert Lieberman, The Tortured can be firmly classified as “torture porn” it is certainly not pretty and it does pass into the realms of pornography as they’ve been set up by “experts.” It is surprising. Jesse Metcalfe who played the lovelorn cuckolding gardener in Desperate Housewives, the teenage satyr in John Tucker Must… Read More ›

Bait 2012

Bait 2012 Jaws in a Grocery Store

I finally broke down and watched the Australian/Singaporean horror film Bait. In a film that can be best described as Jaws in a grocery store, my sights weren’t aimed very high. But, I was surprised to find, I liked it. Directed by Kimble Rendall and starring, sort of,  Julian McMahon  of  Nip/Tuck fame (who looks like he’s… Read More ›


The Wrong House aka House Hunting (2013): Disjointed Thriller

Written and directed by Eric Hurt, House Hunting (The Wrong House in the UK) is Hurt’s first feature length film. On IMDb the film has received a score of 4.5 which, I think, is a bit harsh. Starring Marc Singer (who I haven’t seen since his V mini-series days in the 1980’s) and Art Lafleur,… Read More ›


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