Longmire: Season Five Back With a Vengeance (Review) Spoilers

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Season five of Longmire picks up after that cliff hanger ending where it looked like Walt and Donna were going to be killed to Wye Oak’s “Civilian.” The show is back with a vengeance and that long wait to see who it was that bulldozed their way to Walt’s cabin will have to hold off a little longer.

In the season starter, Walt has been shot and Cady finds him laying in the floor, disoriented and bleeding heavily. Donna is nowhere to be seen. Vic, Ferg and Cady all team up to get Walt patched up and he wastes no time beginning his search for his missing lady.

Henry and Mathias come to an understanding about “Hector” and Sheriff Wilkins is still a major douche with a badge.

Longmire, thus far, could be retitled the “Land of the Walking Wounded.” Walt, Vic and Henry are all injured from last season.  Walt somewhat more seriously than the other two but both Henry and Vic are walking with a limp.

In some ways the show looks different. There are more interior shots and less of the epic scenery on show. (Although this was the case last season as well.) It also looks more digital, i.e. not shot on film. However, regardless of production values,  the opening episode  focusses more on the interaction between Vic and Walt and their changing dynamic.

She “steals” a kiss from her boss as he lays in the hospital bed. Later Vic orders him about and in one comedic scene makes Walt re-take the pain pill he spat out onto the roadside.

Another change in terms of family comes with the revelation that Cady is working for Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez). Cady was coming to tell Walt this when she found him shot in his cabin. 

Interestingly Longmire does not explode at the news. He is clearly not happy about it but his concern for Donna overtakes everything.  So too does his lack of memory. As well as being shot, Walt was concussed by a blow to the head.

The obvious suspect in this scenario is Walker Browning (Callum Rennie) who is missing from the hospital after being let loose by Sheriff Wilkins.  

Walt and Vic team up to look for suspects while Henry is blackmailed by Officer Mathias to  work for him, as Hector.

In many ways the focus in this episode is not just the wounded Walt searching for Donna or his memory loss of the shooting, but it re-establishes the relationship he had with “Philly.”

Last season saw a distance come up between the two as Vic fought off her jealous reaction to Dr. Monaghan.  Although Walt also had a green-eyed reaction to Vic’s temporary squeeze Eamon O’Neill (Josh Cooke).

This episode sees bridges mended and Vic takes charge of Walt to the extent he will let her. At one point they come across as either an old married couple or mother and son.

Once more Netflix have offered up all of season five; 10 episodes for those who wish to binge the whole thing.  While the urge to do so is almost overpowering, Mike’s Film Talk will be watching and reviewing one episode at a time. Longmire  is too good to  watch all in one go.

The first episode was a smooth and logical start to this season, although Ruby (Louanne Stephens) was missing in this one. (She does show up later however so all is well.)

There are a few things to mention before the next episode.  Walt Longmire, aka Robert Taylor is one hirsute chappy.  And for all that passion in the season finale,  between Donna and Walt, the lawman never got to take his trousers off.

Longmire season five is now streaming on Netflix. Let us know what you think about the newest season. No spoilers please, just talk about episode one so as not to upset fans of the show.