I take metaphorical pen in hand to write this latest blog because of a question that was asked by  Dolan Mayorga. He asked, innocently enough, what I did for a living. I was stumped for an answer. Why?

Well, the organisation I work for has made it against the rules to tell anyone on the “world-wide web” what we do for a living. They don’t even like us using “social web-sites” – so Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and yes this blog, are all considered “taboo.”

Most of us just disregard this disapproval and use all the above mentioned “social sites.” Of course not everyone has a blog or a channel on YouTube, but we all use Facebook at the very least. I have to admit that I told everyone what my job was when I first joined these sites.  I then found out that this was frowned upon…hugely.

I then rushed around all the various sites I belonged to and changed my job status to “civil servant.” I’m sure that my employers don’t even really like that, but, what the hell, it is my job after all.

I must admit that not being able to say what I do for a living does feel a bit mysterious and double-oh-sevenish, but the truth is much more mundane. What makes it even stranger is that Ilike my job and I’m rather proud to be doing it. So it is a little annoying that I can’t tell anyone what I do.

But, I will always have a job. Because people are people and unless a minor miracle happens, they will always behave like people. If you can work out what I do for a living from that statement alone, you are very clever. As for me? If I didn’t already know what my job is, I’d never figure it out.

And if you do figure it out? For God’s sake don’t tell anyone, I’d probably wind up being put through the office shredder.