The Big Bang Theory…or is it The Big Noise

As long ago as last August there have been reports of strange loud noises. These reports have come from all over the world. The USA, Norway, China, Puerto Rico, well the list is pretty widespread and for lack of another word worldly. If you don’t think this is a world-wide phenomenon just go on YouTube and type noises in the search bar. Scroll down on the suggestions that appear.

Just on the search ‘Noises In The Sky’ you’ll find twenty-one suggestions on the first page alone. Now listen to some of them. You’ll pardon me if I don’t join you in this exercise, it kind of creeps me out.

Have you noticed how much alike the noises are yet still different? I know some sound likehuge metal objects being ground against each other. Some of the sounds resemble wind rushing, akin to a tornado  – which one family thought it was. Other times it sounds like giant cannons going off. Sometimes the sound seems to emanate from the sky, other times from the earth itself.

There seems to be no logical explanation about this phenomenon. More importantly it is not being widely broadcast.

2011 was the year of the ‘multiple UFO sightings’ with UFO’s being sighted in broad daylight and at night all over the world. The most famous – or infamous, if you prefer – was in China. Now it is 2012 and we are hearing (pun intended) about the Big Noise. Okay, I know that the noises were reported as early as August 2011, but I am sure that the same goes for the UFO sightings.

So, the big question has to be this. Are the two related? Will we in 2013 be the world’s witnesses to something that will change the way we see things…forever? Years ago I read Whitely Strieber’s Communion. It was (allegedly) a non-fiction account of him being abducted over the years repeatedly by a group of aliens referred to as “The Greys” and it scared the shit out of me. I only read it once. I then sold it in a car boot sale and I have never felt the urge to read it again. But the sightings and the noises immediately made me think of the book again. I don’t necessarily believe that Strieber was abducted by aliens, I also don’tnot believe it.

I do think though that the two things are quite probably related. UFO’s + Noises = What exactly? I think we will find out very soon. There are more things in heaven and earth than ever figured in our philosophies.

I’ll leave you with a story. In 1976 I lived in Houston, Texas. I was dating a girl who lived in New Caney, Texas. New Caney was roughly thirty miles to the north of Houston. After one date with my girl, I drove home very tired. On the way to her house there was a stretch of road that for ten miles was being re-worked by the road maintenance crews. At both ends of this stretch of road, was a set of scaffolding that went over the road. This scaffolding had flashing yellow lights over both lanes. You really could not miss it. That night as I drove home, I nodded off to sleep while I was driving. I was jerked “awake” by the flashing lights of the road works. I stopped and got out of the car and walked around a bit to make sure I was fully awake. There was not another car visible for miles in any direction. I got back into my car and finished the trip home. It was not until I got home that I realised I  never saw the other set of flashing lights.

I had driven ten miles as straight as a string through the roadworks while I slept.

And before you say it, I can tell you that the next time I went to see my girl the roadworks were still there, exactly ten miles apart. I told that story to an Air Force buddy. He looked at me and said flatly, “That’s impossible.” He then told me about Whitely Strieber and his greys. He believed,and  as far as I know still does, that I was abducted that night by aliens. I don’t believe that, but I also don’t believe that I drove ten miles asleep and never even scratched my car. All I do know is that I apparently did just that. 

I’m just saying that as far as these mysterious noises go…anything is possible.