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Danny, Nicholas and two cornets

Hot Fuzz: Shaun of the Dead Remix?

February 18, 2015

Now that the Cornetto trilogy has come to an end, it is a little saddening to watch the trio of  films. Starting with Shaun of the Dead, moving to Hot Fuzz and ending with The World’s End the latter two can be seen as  remixes of the first yet, despite that lump in the throat,… Read More ›

Night of the Templar

Night of theTemplar David Carradine In His Last Performance

Night of the Templar is a 2012 low budget (an estimated $3 million) British film and the best thing about it is David Carradine in his last performance. Officially this was his last film before being found dead aged 72 in Bangkok, Thailand  apparently a victim of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Written and directed by stuntman Paul Sampson, the… Read More ›

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 21.08.25

Revolver (2005): Guy Richie’s Ode to Kabbalah

With nothing better to do, I finally decided to bite the bullet and watch Revolver last night. The film was universally panned by almost every critic worldwide, except for Mark R Leeper who stated that the film would have a “narrow” audience. (Wikipedia) You can say that again. As the film finished on a black… Read More ›


Sightseers (2012) British Black Comedy Caravan Style

I watched this film after reading a brilliant review by Natasha on Films and Things. I’d not heard of the film, but, as it was directed by Ben Wheatley (creator of the brilliant film Kill List and Down Terrace) and I am an unabashed fanboy of this brilliant new film director, I decided to give… Read More ›


Sands of the Kalahari (1965) Retro Review

Directed and adapted from William Mulvihill‘s novel by Cy Enfield; produced by Joe Levine, Enfield and Stanley Baker, Sands of the Kalahari was released “hot on the heels” of Zulu. Baker’s and Enfield’s maiden voyage into the world of film together; Zulu was a massive hit and Levine (who controlled the purse strings) wanted another film… Read More ›


Skyfall (2012) Back to Bond’s Roots

Directed by Sam Mendes and starring Daniel Craig as 007; Skyfall is the 23rd Bond film and Craig’s third outing as the “super spy.” While I was not overly keen on Adele’s theme song for the film, the opening did not disappoint as it featured some pretty great white knuckle action from the first frame…. Read More ›


Kill List (2011): Keeping Death in the Family

Written by husband/wife team Ben Wheatley and Amy Jump and directed by Wheatley, Kill List is a tour de force of dark unsettling images and sounds. From the very first frame, the film disturbs the viewer. Despite a fair sprinkling of black humour, an overpowering feeling of evil and doom fill every moment of the… Read More ›


Doghouse (2009): She’s a Man Eater

I had no real intention of watching this film, but after talking to Darran over at foxxiecinnamon’s blog about the film Kill List and Neil Maskell (who I said made me think of a “posh-er” Danny Dyer); Darran said that the two had worked together in the film Doghouse and here we are. I decided… Read More ›

Long Time Dead (2002): Djinn See that Coming

Directed by Marcus Adams and written by him and five other writers Long Time Dead centres around a Ouija board party that goes wrong. The group of 20 some-things who “have a go” at contacting the spirits are not taking the whole thing very seriously and that’s a big mistake. The film starts with a… Read More ›

Attack the Block (2011): Hoodies Save the Hood

Written and directed by first timer Joe Cornish, Attack the Block is about a street gang who save their neighbourhood from aliens after they’ve killed the first alien they encounter. It turns out to be a baby and mum is not too pleased about them killing it. Apart from  Jodie Whittaker as Sam and Nick Frost… Read More ›


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