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Ghost Game poster

Ghost Game aka Laa-thaa-phii (2006) Thai Reality TV Horror

March 23, 2015

Ghost Game, or Laa-thaa-phii, its original title, is a great concept. Set in the world of Thai reality TV where horror meets greed and a group of 11 wannabes, the winner(s) have to spend a pre-ordained amount of time in a haunted Khmer Rouge prison and those who make it to the end will win… Read More ›

Danny, Nicholas and two cornets

Hot Fuzz: Shaun of the Dead Remix?

Now that the Cornetto trilogy has come to an end, it is a little saddening to watch the trio of  films. Starting with Shaun of the Dead, moving to Hot Fuzz and ending with The World’s End the latter two can be seen as  remixes of the first yet, despite that lump in the throat,… Read More ›

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek [Sum-bakk-og-jil] 2013 (Review and Trailer)

Written and Directed by Jung Huh this offering appears to be his first ever feature film and Hide and Seek is set against an urban myth of squatters in South Korea who live illegally in homes while the owners are still in them. On top of this myth, is the story of a successful business owner… Read More ›

Night of the Templar

Night of theTemplar David Carradine In His Last Performance

Night of the Templar is a 2012 low budget (an estimated $3 million) British film and the best thing about it is David Carradine in his last performance. Officially this was his last film before being found dead aged 72 in Bangkok, Thailand  apparently a victim of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Written and directed by stuntman Paul Sampson, the… Read More ›

Bait 2012

Bait 2012 Jaws in a Grocery Store

I finally broke down and watched the Australian/Singaporean horror film Bait. In a film that can be best described as Jaws in a grocery store, my sights weren’t aimed very high. But, I was surprised to find, I liked it. Directed by Kimble Rendall and starring, sort of,  Julian McMahon  of  Nip/Tuck fame (who looks like he’s… Read More ›


Ip Man 2 (2010): Continuing the Tale

Directed again by Wilson Yip (for the last time in the series) Ip Man 2 continues the tale of Ip Man and his rise to worldwide fame. There have been less complaints about the film makers “frugality” with actual events this time around. Picking up where Ip Man finished, the film takes place in Hong… Read More ›


Macabre (2010): Indonesian Slasher Gore Fest

Written and directed by Kimo Stamboel and Timo Tjahjanto aka “the Mo Brothers” Macabre has the dubious distinction of being the first Indonesian film to be banned in Malaysia because of its overabundance of gore and violence. Despite this mark against it, the film nonetheless won quite a few awards and the lead actress Shareefa Daanish… Read More ›


Ip Man (2008): Donnie Yen’s Masterful Performance

It is not often that a film benefits from having not just one legend, but two associated with it. Ip Man has two. Starring the legendary Donnie Yen in what is quite possibly his best role ever and featuring choreography by the legendary Sammo Hung. (Who when asked how he was going to work with Yen… Read More ›

Dream Home (2010): Chinese Urban Horror

This cross genre Chinese film about a girl seeking her “dream Home” is a must see. Here are my thoughts about the film. Enjoy.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 21.08.25

Revolver (2005): Guy Richie’s Ode to Kabbalah

With nothing better to do, I finally decided to bite the bullet and watch Revolver last night. The film was universally panned by almost every critic worldwide, except for Mark R Leeper who stated that the film would have a “narrow” audience. (Wikipedia) You can say that again. As the film finished on a black… Read More ›


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