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Pretty Little Liars: The Wrath of Kahn – Marco…Polo (Review) Spoilers


So Noel Kahn is A.D. (the flash drive footage confirms that he plays a major role in things if he is not) and Nicole was not one of the hostages.  Those are the two big reveals in Pretty Little Liars “The Wrath of Kahn.” Hanna goes on the offensive, although not successfully at first, and Emily’s ex, Paige (Lindsey Shaw) is acting suspiciously like a stalker. 

Aria, who has been forced to team up with Jason DiLaurentis  (Drew Van Acker), keeps having flashbacks to when they were an item. She and Jason find out that the man who did the adoption paperwork for Mary Drake’s second child was Judge Kahn. Doing the math, she works out that the Judge adopted Noah. 

While Hanna is attempting her own black ops attack on Kahn, the rest of the Liars are gathering information on Noah. A flash drive is discovered that shows an unconscious Spencer. Noah come out and pours blood on her and the floor. It is clear that Kahn has something to do with everything bad that has happened to the girls.

Kahn throws away Sara’s phone and Hanna retrieves it. She arranges a meet with Noah telling him she has the cell with his prints on it. She drugs his beer but Kahn refuses to drink.  He grabs the phone from Hannah and leaves.

Emily keeps putting distance between what she and the other Liars are doing and Sabrina (Lulu Brud).  

Rosewood  is hit withs a huge thunderstorm and Spencer gets a call about her mother’s car alarm going off. She goes to the house to retrieve the keys and turn the alarm off.  Seconds after she arrives the power goes off.


Spencer watches the footage on the flash drive again and calls Marco to come over.  Aria is having second thoughts about where she stands with Ezra.

Scant seconds  before Marco arrives, a tree branch crashes though a kitchen window. Spencer notices that the outside kitchen door is open and she sees a shadowy figure move through the house. She grabs a knife just as Marco arrives.

He got to search the house and Spencer notices that the drive is gone. He returns saying that he could not find anyone.  Marco goes on to tell Spencer that Archer is not in France.

Marco still appears to  be very interested in Spencer. Although the timing of his arrival and the missing flash drive looks an awful lot like a Wes Craven Scream tactic.  Was that Marco in the house and if so did he take the drive?

He could be working with Noah or he could be working for Kahn’s father, the judge.  Either way, Kahn will have a chance to give his side of the sort as Hanna punched his ticket with a steel bar.

Next step: Rope, a chair and a camera. Go Hanna!

Next week is the mid season finale and it should be pretty interesting.  Will Kahn crack under questioning? If he does what will he reveal?

It is interesting to note that the dead Archer is leaving a trial a blindman could follow so there must be an accomplice.  Kahn is in Rosewood, so it cannot be him. Mary Drake is missing however as is  Jenna Marshall (Tammin Sursok), could it be either of these two or someone else.

Someone like the new detective in town… Who could be playing his own game of “Marco Polo” with Spencer. 

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays on Freeform.


Guest starring  Brant Daugherty as Noah Kahn

Dead of Summer: Home Sweet Home – Amy a Bad Seed (Review) Spoilers


After last week’s Dead of Summer episode, where Amy killed Joel and survived three bullets to the chest, “Home Sweet Home” lifts the lid on Malphas. We learn a  lot more about Amy who, it seems, was  a  bad seed way before Stillwater. Holyoke was wrong about the “state” of Amy. Of all the things she could be called, “innocent” is clearly not one of them.

In this penultimate episode there were buckets of blood and a very impressive body count, even before Amy went all “Lizzie Borden.”

Flashback sequences showed a young Amy with her parents and older brother.  The scene was not a happy one. The girl lived in a house with parents who ignored her and a big brother who disliked her.

She lets his pet mouse free. Later it is found dead in the garbage disposal unit. He locks her in the garage and the unhappy child falls asleep. The next morning, mum, dad and big brother are all dead from carbon monoxide poisoning. Amy scores her first kills years before Camp Stillwater.

As episodes go, this was an almost epic win. There were enough nods and  winks to other films to satisfy the most devout horror geek. Some may have been unintentional. The bus scene for instance felt a little Jeepers Creepers II (but really only a little).  The scene where Jessie throws lake water on Amy was straight from The Exorcist. Just compare the two:

Jessie: “The water washes your filth away…”

Father Merrin: “The power of Christ compels you.”

Very similar, both are a six word phrase,  and both have the same effect on the intended.

Deb, along with Drew and Blair, gather the remaining children up and put them on a bus. As they flee the camp, a great wave of blood splashes the windscreen.  The vehicle hits something and then stalls.

The bus driver gets out to check on what they hit. Apart from his face being smashed into a bus passenger window, he does not return.

At Holyoke’s cabin the exorcism has begun and seconds into the ceremony, Holyoke melts and disappears.  It is left to Jessie, Alex and Garrett to continue.  Amy/Malphas cajoles  and pleads with her captors.

“Deb” arrives and knocks on the door. (The one Holyoke tells them must stay closed.) She tells the kids inside about the bus and her concern for Amy. They open the door. The woman standing there may look like Deb but it is a trick. Pure lake water is flung on the thing and it is repelled.

It was a distraction to allow Amy to escape her bonds. She quickly takes over the proceedings.


Like “The Exorcist” the whole thing has gone pear shaped.  The possessed is now in control and the “good guys” are in serious trouble.  Taking a note from Father Karras’ bible,  Jessie invites the demon into her.

She is then plunged into the vat of pure lake water and killed. (Holyoke did say if the possessed was put into the water they would die…) Amy brings her back with CPR and it all  looks to be over.

Meanwhile back at the bus. Drew keeps attempting to restart the vehicle. When Amy brings Jessie back, the blood on the windscreen dissolves and the bus starts.

Deb bumps into her old “Dharma Bum” pal who starts throttling the life out of her while lecturing the camp owner on how this was all her fault. Once again, as Jessie wakes up, Deb’s dead boyfriend disappears in a red mist.

Amy is “cured” and her three saviors all want to hit the road immediately.  Amy says she needs a moment to reflect.

At the start of the episode there is a young woman; Margo Tate,  who is looking for Camp Stillwater. Her car is broken down and a local gives her a lift.

Deb shows up at Camp Stillwater to confront Amy, who still has the demon in her.  As she and Amy talk, Margo arrives and gets the chop. Deb plunges a knife into Amy/Malphas but ultimately loses the battle.

Cue a montage sequence that shows Amy was a very, very busy killer bee.  After it finishes Amy starts to clean the blood off and Jessie asks if  she is coming. Smiling, Amy answers, “Be right there.”

The season finale airs next week. It seems that the demon has won after all. Deb has been killed, Holyoke banished and poor old Margo Tate finally got to Camp Stillwater only to die.

It will be interesting to see where the last episode goes. Will the survivors of Camp Stillwater rise up to shove Malphas out? Has Jessie, as the really “pure” vessel be able to finish what they started?


Tune in and catch the season finale of Dead of Summer.  Hopefully this is not the end of Holyoke although, to be fair, he did get it so wrong.  The series airs Tuesdays on Freeform.


Jimmy Kimmel Live! – Hillary Clinton and John Krasinski (Recap)


Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday had presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on as the esteemed political guest and John Krasinski came on to plug his latest film, The Hollars.  Other parts of the show included a “man on the street” interview. A “reporter” asked what people thought of Hillary Clinton’s speech earlier in the day (there was no speech).  A pre-recorded segment showed Jimmy running for vice president with Matt Damon denigrating Kimmel.

Jimmy came out and did his monologue, focussing on Clinton, the upcoming debates and poking fun at  Trump.  (He also managed to have a jab at Trump supporter Gary Busey.) He touched base with the Olympics and mercilessly made fun of national disgrace Ryan Lochte. The show then did the Clinton “man on the street” gag.

Hillary Clinton gave great interview. For a candidate who has been accused of not having a sense of humor, she was very amusing.  Jimmy asked her about Donald Trump and the upcoming debate.

Clinton’s health was also brought up and the host had her prove just how healthy she really is:

After the pickle test they spoke of balloons and former President Bill Clinton. They also talked about Jimmy being vice-vice president:

Jimmy’s next guest was John Krasinski. All the men out there are allowed to hate Krasinski just a little as he is married to Emily Blunt (Sicario, Edge of Tomorrow). John opened his interview by saying he cooked the Sunday roast.

It was chicken and it was not a “one-off” as he lost a bet with Emily and now has to cook the Sunday meals for awhile.

There was a clip from Krasicki’s new film:

By the end of the episode, Ms Clinton came across very well and was very amusing in her responses to Jimmy. So much for the possible first female president having no sense of humor.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs late night on ABC. Watch this one, he is very funny and his shows are clever and original. He may even have time for Matt Damon on one of his shows.

Superstore: Olympics – Open and Close (Review) Spoilers

Superstore - Season 2

Ah Superstore. How we have missed you.  The early “Olympics” episode was a reminder of what makes this show work so well. Although it was confusing to see everything “back to normal” after last season’s finale. (In case you have forgotten, everyone was fired except for Dina who took over Glenn’s job.)

Still, this was a celebratory episode honoring the Olympics and it featured all that makes this series so spot on comedically.  Amy and Jonah still have that excellent chemistry together. Glenn is still over the top enthusiastic for every little thing and Dina is still annoying, yet funny.

Cheyenne is still pregnant and Nico is Mateo is still that bit too, too.

Cecily Strong guest stars as famous Olympian Missy Jones. The Saturday Night Live star kills it as the motivational speaker who has a “laser beam” gaze and makes the cheesiest sayings sound positively insightful.

The episode starts with Glenn having the Cloud 9 employees parade through the store in honor of the Olympic open.  He has the oldest employee inn the store light the cauldron but she lights a stacked display of toilet paper instead.

Glenn makes things worse when he uses the fire extinguisher. Burning toilet rolls engulf the display area in flames.

17 days later Glenn is about to announce his Olympic closing ceremony when he is challenged by Dina. He tells her to better if she thinks she can. The challenge is on.

Superstore - Season 2
Dina and Glenn

Earlier, Cecily Strong’s Missy Jones inspires first Amy and then the very pregnant Cheyenne.  The 17 year old girl decides she will drop out of school and become an Olympic gymnast.

Amy is horrified. She tries to get Cheyenne to think more realistically and Jonah tries to help.  Dina drafts Garrett as her Olympic ceremony assistant only to be fired almost immediately.

Glenn goes overboard with his patriotic fervor for all things American and makes Mateo uncomfortable. Later the Filipino learns that he may just be an illegal alien. Jonah has a word with Glenn who then goes the other way with a total lack of patriotism.

(Glenn has a splendid comic moment with Mateo’s Philippine  flag pin.)

As Amy and Jonah try to steer the pregnant teen onto the right course, the episode has the usual quirky customers and employees flitting through.  (The old lady with her shopping basket was hysterical.)

Superstore - Season 2
Missy Jones

Superstore “Olympics”  keeps the comedy bar high.  Cecily Strong who plays  the platitude spouting former Olympic hero kills it. The interaction between her character and Dina, who wants to know who shagged who, is funny. As is Amy’s clear hero worship of her childhood idol.

The episode aired on NBC August 19 but is still available to watch on Hulu. The NBC comedy series begins  its second season properly on September 22, 2016.

Fans will want to mark that date in their diary or calendar or computer.   This is cracking good television with a cast that have a brilliant chemistry and who all bring something to the comedic table.


Guest starring Cecily Strong as Missy Jones

Casual: The Great Unknown – Season Two Finale (Review) Spoilers

Logo for Hulu's Casual

Fred Savage directs the season two finale of Casual. “The Great Unknown”  picks up were “40” left off.  Alex and Valerie’s father has been dropped off at Alex’s house on a hospital gurney. He is dying. Everything, he says, is shutting down and he plans to euthanize himself in the house.

This is easily  the oddest of any episode on offer in Casual.  The tone is somber and somewhat downbeat.  It if were not for the fact that the show will be back in  2017, it feels like the end of the series.

There are moments of humor. Laura’s initial interaction with the pharmacist is amusing. He refuses to give her the medication for George Cole (Melamed) because she is underage. “it is dangerous,” he says.  “Fine,” Laura replies, “Which is the drano?”

Very funny.

While the show deals with euthanasia, which is legal in California, it also deals with Alex’s issues with his father. In many ways it forces him to face his problems and he grows up by the end of the episode.

He also goes to see Jennifer as a patient at the end.

Valerie goes to collect her mother who has, according to George, “recused herself from the situation.”  Her car is at Chili’s. As she starts to leave Alex reminds her  of this and Leon takes her to get the vehicle.

They arrive at the restaurant and it has been towed. As they go to collect the car, Leon and Valerie re-establish their friendship.  She gets her car but not her mother.

Laura calls Spencer to help with the  pharmacist. He still refuses to hand over the medication.  Laura gets angry and tells the man off. She then storms off.  Finally someone else gets the prescription for George.

Outside the pharmacy the subject of Spencer’s not dying comes up. Laura  reveals that since he is not going to die her feelings have changed. Spencer walks off.

Back at her uncle’s house, Laura talks to Valerie about Spencer and her unrealistic expectations of their relationship.  She wanted something that was “timeless” and not long lasting.  They also talk about Valerie going back to Drew which Laura counsels against.

Valerie, Alex and Laura empty the prescription into a glass of water for George to drink.  Before George drinks his  deadly cocktail, he apologizes for not being there for his kids.

The oddest scene in the entire episode is the sight of George’s two kids and grandchild taking apart those pills and pouring the powder into the glass of water.  When they finish Alex makes a joke. “I’m parched,” he says and grabs the glass. Both Valerie and Laura grab his hand..

After Cole drinks the water they order Chinese.  Valerie and Alex make up over fortune cookies while Laura talks to her grandfather. Valerie decides against returning to Drew. Just as Val tells  Alex  it is time for her and Laura to move out,  George dies.

It is a sober and somewhat tearful moment.  Thel brother and sister,  losing the man they hold responsible for their faults and flaws,  grieve silently together.

Later, Laura makes an apology to Spencer via DVDs and Leon helps Valerie and Laura move into their new home.

This was a brilliant end to an eclectic season.  Fred Savage deftly handled the subject material and the cast killed it in terms of subtle performances.  Tara Lynne Barr’s outburst in the pharmacy was beautiful to see.

Casual ends on a somber, yet upbeat, note. Valerie is moving on and Alex has at last talked to his father and is now in therapy. Laura has not given up on Spencer and Leon looks at last to be Val’s friend and not just Alex’s.

Check out the season finale on Hulu.






Guest Starring Fred Melamed as George Cole

Difficult People: Hashtag Cats – The Producers and Hannibal Lector (Review)

Difficult People poster

It is all too easy to fall in love with the second season of Difficult People.  How can you not love a comedy series that references Mel Brooks’ The Producers (“I was certain you’d had a stroke,” says Julie, “Of genius,” replies Billy.).  “Hashtag Cats” also lampoons Hannibal Lector. Joel McHale is cannibal “personal trainer” who is fattens up clients for him and his other “trainers” to eat.

Just brilliant.

It does not hurt that the two main characters, Billy Epstein and Julie Kessler are self absorbed “wannabe” who also  come across as slightly shallow pseudo intellectuals.

For example: Billy books he and his bestie Julie on a late night alternative comedy show. They kill it. Discussing it later, Billy says he was inspired by Shonda Rhimes‘ book “The Year of Yes.”

“I can’t believe you read it,” says Julie

“I read the Amazon review,” Billy replies, “I was inspired.”

Apart from homages to The Producers and Hannibal this episode brings up the issue of having “paid friends.” In the words, can one really be friends with someone they work for or employ”  A side issue deals with having a gay BFF who is really bi-sexual.

The main plot consists of Billy and Julie doing so well that Method Man comes over to tell the duo that he wants to work with them. The rapper from Wu-Tang Clan tells them he loves their work.  As he leaves, Julie and Billy both scream, “Method Man is our first famous friend!”

Julie and Marilyn have a falling out when Julie stands her mother up for lunch so she can hang out with Billy. Something that happens regularly. Marilyn makes her “gay” hairdresser her new bestie in response.

“Hashtag Cats” is the new stage experience and Julie gets tickets from James on Craigslist.  Billy cannot go as he is seeing his new personal trainer Felix. (“The cartoon  cat with  a bag of  tricks?”  Julie asks Billy in a funny response to his news.  Question: Is Felix the Cat still a thing?)  Matthew hints that he can go, but it is Arthur who will get to see the reboot.

Billy gets the best line of the episode:

“Sasha Grey, so sad to go from doing porn to something as degrading as “Entourage.”

Method Man teams up with Billy and Julie to make a pilot pitch to the networks.  The two besties suggest a comedy sketch program a’la SNL.

Billy starts his first session with Felix. The training program is  odd but Billy trusts his trainer. Billy then takes on Felix’ meal plan, for free, and his next session is all about eating while exercising.

Julie gets her tickets from “James on Craigslist” and the tickets are fake.  Julie starts a campaign to force James to get her money back. She even goes to see the police.

Billy’s trainer suggests they become friends and invites him to a meal.  Epstein asks if he can invite Julie and Arthur.  The meal has two other trainers there and they are creepy and odd. It is a scene right out of “Hannibal.”

Method Man and his new partners start off at NBC with their first pitch.  There is a great gag with the posters in the waiting room being changed every two seconds. It also starts a long running gag where Julie and Billy keep meeting the NBC VP for programming everywhere.

The trio finally get their show approved on Al Jazeera American Channel who are changing their brand.

After having no luck at the police station, Julie plays the “cancer card” and she tells James that her dying sister was supposed to see the show.

Method Man invites  Billy, Felix, Julie, Arthur, Marilyn and her new BFF to the VIP section at a performance of “Hashtag Cats.” Before the show starts, James comes to make up for selling fake tickets and Julie tells him it is too late.

Their  new partner learns of the cancer  lie and kicks them all out of the VIP section and breaks off the partnership. As the group leaves,  the police rush the theatre entrance and arrest Felix.

Sadly, Julie was right about Felix really liking Billy. Unfortunately he saw Epstein as veal…

Difficult People just keeps getting funnier and funnier. These two “hopeful” performers are exquisite in their tunnel vision and extreme focus on self.

Kudos to Joel McHale who kills it in this episode.

The series airs Tuesdays on Hulu.  If funny is your thing, check this one out.


Guilt: What Did You Do – Season Finale Fail (Review)


Guilt was a show I was desperate to like.  It was set in my home country (for roughly 32 years) and it was a crime drama.  The show started with an Amanda Knox premise but shifted into something else after a few episodes. There were things that were not correct, in terms of the legal system, and last week’s episode was so far off the mark it became farcical and tipped the scale to “fail.”

Some of the mistakes could be attributed to the show’s makers either not giving a toss about accuracy or believing that their target audience (a country full of young Yanks) would know any better.

The storyline where Grace talks the driver into letting her escape was ludicrous.  Not to belabor that point,   as it was covered last week, but suffice to say that this  managed to kill any remaining interest in the series.

It was also hard to believe that the writers managed to use the circumstances of Princess Diana’s death (Chased by paparazzi until the car she was  in crashed.) as the excuse for Daisy and her accomplice’s crash. Just as difficult to believe was the claim that in London there were a few blocks of streets with no CCTV coverage.

On to the finale:  After finding the dead body last week, DCI Pike rushes the crime scene evidence through forensics. It turns out that Luc murdered the woman found buried  in the garden at Hertfordshire.

As the jury deliberate on the verdict, Pike and Bruno speak to Luc. The French drug addict and painter confesses to killing the woman (an accident) and Molly (on purpose). Theo was a red herring. He was, however, a pretty good one. Philip was impressed enough to murder the “slow” Neville  to protect Theo.

Daisy’s driver disables the tracking system on the police van (that would not have been used to transport a prisoner to  and from court) and she has second thoughts about escaping. She wants to stop and her escorting guard does not.

She grabs the steering wheel and crashes the van.

Meanwhile Prince Theo meets with Kaley (Amber Jean Rowan) as Patrick waits to kill the prince with his sniper rifle. Phillip picks up Charlotte (Katie Clarkson-Hill) and takes her to where her fiancee is shagging the prostitute. 

There is a confrontation and Patrick gets a clear shot at Theo but he cannot bring himself to pull the trigger. As he contemplates what he almost did, another shot rings out and Theo is down with a gunshot wound to his chest. Charlotte refuses to dial 999.

Patrick was set up by his cousin Declan (Sam O’Mahony) who shot the prince instead.

Luc confesses to Pike and Bruno. After he tells how he killed Molly, Luc shoves a craft cutting knife into his throat. Before he dies, Luc tells them he fed his bloody clothing to the dragon.

In the nick of time, Grace is returned to the court proceedings to hear the verdict. Bruno and Pike arrive just in time to enter Luc’s confession and the bloody clothing in evidence. Gwendolyn Hall drops the charges and Grace goes free.

On the way to the airport, Natalie drops her sister off at her old flat. Grace wants a sweater that Molly gave her. Inside the apartment she finds Roz watching a video of Molly and her. The DJ and the Irish girl were lovers.

Roz confesses that she pushed Luc into killing Molly as she chose the prince over her. Grace snaps and grabbing a lamp or an ornament starts bashing Roz’s head in. It is not clear whether the DJ is dead when Natalie comes in and stops Grace mid-swing.

The reporter that Stan fed all the news items to turns out to be his illegitimate daughter from when he was in the country 26 years earlier.

Grace Atwood was never a character that the audience could get behind. She was self centered and beyond stupid. Natalie, her big sister, became more likable but was incredibly naive for a prosecuting attorney from Boston.

In actuality none of the characters were likable. Zane’s American in London was eccentric not a character whom one would trust in any situation.

While the show apparently gained popularity, at least according to IMDb, it seems hard to believe.  Guilt started with a bit of promise and then a lack of attention to detail allowed the whole thing to slide into  pile of old rubbish.

Final Verdict:

Guilt may be enjoyable enough for anyone who has no knowledge of the English legal system or how it works.  The story was not overly original, obviously using the Amanda Knox trial as a basis to start, and falling on a “perverse” royal to mix things up a bit.

Another problem was with Grace Atwood. The character appeared guilty, even after being proven innocent.  So when she does bash Roz’ brains out, we are not surprised in the least. This was, by the way,  not Daisy Head’s fault but that of the writers.

All in all, this was  series was a fail.


BrainDead: Season One, Ep 9 – Murder Times Two (Recap and Review)

BrainDead Logo screenshot

This week’s episode of BrainDead featured the best singing recap ever. Apart from the fact it was hysterically funny (that fast bit was brilliant) it featured the recap singing artist Jonathan Coulton holding  a “name sign” and waving. How excellent is that?  Apart from the recap hilarity, the episode also featured  murder…twice.

In “Taking on Water: How Leaks in D.C. Are Discovered and Patched”  Laurel and Gareth hit a very rocky patch.  Red hires and then spectacularly fires a special investigator; Lawrence Boch. (Played by Blindspot actor Michael Gaston, who  is apparently doomed to be shot in the head this year regardless of what show he is on.)

Triplett and Rochelle are absent from the proceedings this week. However Red is still on the warpath and his sexual partner, so to speak, from the previous episode  sides with him briefly.

After Senator Wheatus lied about the CIA briefing, someone leaked to the press that the Syrian threat is not real but a fabrication. Kara Wright “broke the story” and Boch has her arrested for failing to name her source.

Red also instigates investigations into both Luke and Laurel’s personal lives. He hopes to find something that substantiates his claim that they leaked information to the press. It is this investigation, run by FIA (Freelance Investigation Analyst)  Ashley Cook (Tracie Thoms) that causes the problems between Gareth and Laurel.

Cook comes up with a huge list of sexual liaisons that Laurel had in college and the affairs that her brother Luke takes part in. Gareth is privy to the files, at Red’s request, and he becomes disturbed at the information on Laurel.

They have their first big fight and Laurel kicks him out of her apartment, with a doggy bag. Later, Cook reveals that Laurel had sex with Michael Moore at a Sundance festival. When he, rather unwisely, asks her she admits to it. (Although later it turns out that Cook’s information was incorrect.)

This is the last straw for Gareth who cannot get images of Laurel in bed with Moore out of his head. (This was, except for the singing recap, the funniest bit of the episode. Michael Moore with a gloating grin on his face coming up from under the covers was hysterical.) It is also the last straw for Laurel who kicks Gareth out of her flat again.

Boch continues his investigation into both Luke and Laurel.  Meanwhile she investigates the secret room in the basement; SRB-54. She reveals the room’s existence to Luke and tells him it is Red’s personal “war room.” He investigates and like Laurel has the door slammed in his face.

Gareth learns of the room from Laurel and he goes to the basement office demanding to be let in. He is refused entry, like Luke, and told to speak with Red.  He does and learns nothing. Later, he tells the IT guy to shut down their WiFi.

This gets Gareth access and he finds plans to build interment camps. He also sees a wall timer  that  is counting down a 38 day window.  Gareth takes pictures of the internment blueprints and send them to Laurel.

Luke then take the plans and shows them to Boch. The investigator decides to widen his investigation based on the blueprints. He then goes to  see Red and tells the senator that he will be investigating him as well.

The conversation gets heated as Boch accuses Red of warmongering. “Why don’t you just get a gun and shoot me yourself,” Boch asks.  The senator reaches in his desk drawer, pulls out a gun and does just that.

Red’s new intern rushes in after hearing the gunshot and is told to get a dolly and a drop cloth. The lad wants to call the police but Red tells him no. As the new intern gets the two items,  Wheatus eats some of Boch’s brains. He then scrapes the rest off the wall and saves them in a storage container for later.

Wheatus marks the plastic box as his property before putting it in the fridge.  The intern helps Red clean the mess. Later as the senator walks in front of the building  a refuse  truck grabs a dumpster and empties it.

Two drop cloth covered bodies tumble out of the dumpster and into the back of the truck. Red obviously murdered the new intern as well.

Gareth tries to apologize to Laurel about the Michael Moore sex allegation. She is having none of it and suggests they take a break.  After killing Lawrence Boch Red pushes for a new investigative officer but is thwarted by Luke and the committee chair who puts it to a vote.

Kara Wright is released from jail without giving up her source and we learn that it was the committee chair who leaked the information.

This episode of BrainDead was equally funny and shocking. Red pulling that gun out and shooting Boch was completely unexpected.  Then, however, when he murders his new intern we are not surprised. Senator Wheatus has become very murderous, his body count is now three. His first intern, Boch and now another intern.

Red had better slow down. This is twice now that something critical  has happened to his new interns.  At this rate he may never get another one.

It was disappointing to see Gareth and Laurel break up.  Hopefully she will forgive him his idiocy about the whole Michael Moore thing.

Speaking of Gareth, it seems inevitable that he will be turned into a “bug person” by Red.  While he is still on the Republican side of the story, he  seems to be aware that Wheatus is not the full ticket here.

BrainDead airs Sundays on CBS. Do not miss this one. Funny, a tad scary and pretty topically relevant, BrainDead is a winner.


Guest Starring  Michael Gaston as Lawrence Boch and Linda Emond as Kara Wright

Special Guest Star – Michael Moore

Roadies: The Corporate Gig – Irony and Phil (Review) Spoilers


Roadies “The Corporate Gig” ladled out huge helpings of irony. The band falls apart and Phil seemingly dies and it all happens at a gig for Fun Co.  Last week saw Phil relive his early days with Lynyrd Skynyrd something that he flashes back to before falling into Reg’s arms and then the pool.

If Phil really  has died, fans will not be best pleased.  He was a favorite character and when he departed to be in space with Taylor Swift,  there  were a lot of unhappy viewers. (It is most likely Phil’s time in space that set him up for whatever “kills” him in this episode.

This penultimate episode of Roadies seems to prove that the curse is real (that unbroken egg has destroyed the band) and that Kelly Ann should have said something.

From the start of “The Corporate Gig” there were signs that things were not going to go well.  Puna sets the stage with his dream of a “melting animal” and he pronounces “it” will happen here.

“It” turns out to be the disintegration of  Staten House Band.  It also turns out to be the death of Phil. (He may not be dead, but with his “last words” to Kelly Ann – which were probably “you should have broken that last egg – and that still body certainly made Phil look dead.)

Other signs included Phil himself.  Perhaps the funniest line of the episode was his “I don’t know. I don’t always listen to  myself very close.” But was this a sign that things were not quite right?

Leaving the “death” of Phil alone for  a moment, Reg is also about to make an exit. He learns that his boss, Edgar (played by prolific Scottish character actor Enn Reitel) knew all along that Reg was there to break up the band. Edgar has already reassigned Double D to re-label a soup’s brand back in England.

He also learns that there will be no european tour and that the rest of the venues have been cancelled.

Reg learning the bitter truth.

Reg’s response to this news is to get pissed as a newt (intoxicated).  He acts very uncharacteristically and even touches Milo.  Later he and Kelly Ann finally connect, as they were meant to all along.  Both are drunk and more open than usual.

They finally kiss and even though Reg is leaving, there is a sense of satisfaction in that tender moment.

Romance almost blossoms for Milo who makes a connection with Logan the eraser girl. The two get off on the wrong foot initially, but finally get together for some “picking” and some singing.

Christopher goes AWOL when he goes to see Janine instead of attending the corporate gig. Later, he sends a note to Tom telling him that he is leaving the band. Love definitely has moved Christoper House in mysterious ways.

Love is not moving smoothly for Rick.  Despite the fact that Natalie Shin is the best thing that has ever happened to him he wants Milo  to give her “the talk.” She tells Milo that Rick is afraid of commitment and that she will bring him around. Clearly Rick does not want what is good for him.

Shelli and Bill almost lose their special relationship due to a misunderstanding. So although it is not “right” their relationship is steady no thanks to Phil. (It was Phil who convinced Bill that the “spell” was broken.)

The cooperation, Fun Co, are losing acts due to the company’s links with Saudi Arabia and their “weapons’ rubber.  Gwen Stefani pulls out, via the excuse of a sickly child and very few of the acts are left.

Phantogram perform “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” another sign that the party is over for Staten House Band in this episode.

“The Corporate Gig” also spends some time discussing the changing face of rock fans and the music itself.. As Phil says at the beginning,  he can remember bands that wrote music that changed the world and did not sell out.  The good looking chap Kelly Ann attempts to connect with blames it on the fans:

“People don’t even clap anymore ’cause they’ve got a phone in one hand.”

David Spade appears as himself. His “Dead Sex” show-within-a-show premise allows for one of the better comedic moments of the series thus far. Bill and he talk about the program and Bill asks how it will end with Spade’s character and Jan.

Spade tells Bill that he kills Jan.

Bill responds:

“Why the f*ck would you do that?”

Later a frantic Spade is calling to set up a  reshoot of the ending of Dead Sex.  “I don’t care how much it costs, he shouts into the phone.

Phil and Reg share a moment.

Phil and Reg talk and it appears that all really is forgiven.  As they converse Phil asks Reg, “Can you hear that.” In his mind Phil is experiencing his time with Lynyrd Skynyrd, the group that got him started.

He slumps forward into Reg’s arms and then falls in the pool. Milo calls 911 and Kelly Ann wakes when Phil collapses. She rushes out to the pool and Phil whispers something to her and then “dies.”

There should not have been a dry eye in the house.

The curse from episode 4, the one started by Reg – although Kelly Ann  facilitated it by not mentioning that broken egg – has wreaked havoc on Staten House Band.

Even the crew have been affected somewhat. Wes learns that  Winston would not have been allowed to attend the european leg of the tour anyway.

Kudos to Ron White as Phil.  His dying should have sent tissue sales skyrocketing.  Jacqueline Byers also knocked it out of the park.

Major props to both Imogen Poots and Rafe Spall.  These two absolutely killed it in this episode.

The finale of Roadies airs next Sunday on Showtime. Do not miss this one, mark your calendar or diary, or mark it on the wall.  This will be a good one.


Guest starring: Jacqueline Byers  –  Natalie Shin, Branscombe Richmond as Puna, Jen Tullock  –  Logan the Eraser Girl,  Steve Zissis  –  Jack Peltz and David Spade.

Musical Guest : Phantogram

Ray Donovan: Goodbye Beautiful – Bloodbath (Recap & Review) Spoilers


Ray Donovan “Goodbye Beautiful” racks up a huge body count. Before the end of the episode there are four corpses littering the landscape, turing this installment into a bloodbath.  There are Six if one counts Little Bill, who we do not see die and Avi who  is a good as dead since Ray cannot deliver what is needed to save him.

In Russia, they receive the crate with Belikov’s body.  Understandably upset, the Russian mobster sends a picture to Sonia and tells her he is on his way.  Sonia speaks with Waller (Gabriel Mann), her lawyer, and Vlad  (Richard Brake). 

The two men have footage showing Ray, carrying the dead girl, and  Belikov entering the port facility and Ray leaving, carrying the dead girl.  Vlad explains that he had to kill  a customs official to get the footage.

Body Number One. 

Sonia tells  the men to leave things with her. She begins gathering her things to run. She gets money from her safe and collects her daughter from school. Kovitzky then heads to Ray’s house.

Abby answer the doorbell and discovers the art dealer outside with Katya (Mila Brener).  Ray tells Abby when she calls that he is on his way.  On the way home he spies Vlad watching the house.  Once Ray  arrives, he tells Sonia he will help her to get out. 

Avi and Lena turn up to help. Avi insists that Kovitzky should be killed. He then  agrees to take care of Waller. Lena realizes that she looks a lot like Sonia. She dresses in the other woman’s clothes and will lead Vlad away.  Lena tells Ray she will find a secluded spot and kill Sonia’s driver.

Body Number Two.

In Nevada Mickey shops for a ring for Silvie in a pawnshop. He buys a nine millimeter with a silence and an electric guitar.  He, Bunchy and Teresa head to Little Bill’s house where Silvie is in bed with Primm.

They arrive with a plasma cutter and the gun. Teresa stays in the car and Silvie shows the two men were the safe is. Mickey starts to cut open the safe with the plasma cutter.

It stops before the job is finished.  Mick sends Bunchy to watch Algoma (Emma Vicera) while he grabs Little Bill. Primm refuses to give up the combination to the safe. As Mick starts slapping Bill around, Larry (Chris Coppola) arrives and Bill tells him to shoot Silvie. 

He does. Mickey is shocked and Teresa comes with the Bridget’s guitar and hits Larry in the head knocking him out. Mick shoots Larry several times and Bill gives up the combination to the safe.

Ted Levine as Little Bill and Paula Jai Parker as Sylvie Starr

Later, Primm begs Mickey not to kill Algoma. It is safe to assume that Mick does kill Little Bill.

Bodies three, four and five. 

Ray agrees to help get Sonia and Katya out of the country as Avi goes to kill Waller. Kovitzky asks Donovan, as she boards the private jet, why he did not kill her, it would have been easier, she says.

Avi goes to kill the lawyer and is surrounded by Dimitri and his Russian mobsters. As Waller watches, Avi is beaten bloody.  Ray gets a call from the gangster and he can hear Avi saying he screwed up. Dimitri (Raymond J. Barry) tells Ray to bring him Sonia or Avi will die.  Ray cannot deliver Kovitzky as she has left the country.

Body number six?

Leaving aside a body count that almost equals the Minassian massacre, Marisol (Lisa Bonet) flips out when Daryll shows up with a check from Hector (Ismael Cruz Cordova). Daryll passes on the message that her brother wants her to leave. 

Grabbing some keepsakes and pictures, Marisol puts them in a carryon bag. She take this and sets fire to the thing at the gym.  Terry, who just posed with Hector for photographs puts out the fire. Marisol is arrested and Terry gets a date with the female cop he met earlier.

In this episode Abby refuses to  scurry off and hide now that danger is at the front door. Ray agrees to let her stay. Teresa comes out of her depression enough to help Mickey, although not quickly enough to save Silvie. Later Mick thanks Teresa for her help.

After all the trouble Mick went through to get the $4 million, he no longer wants it. He has been destroyed by Silvie’s death. Mickey tells Bunchy that he and Teresa can have it all.

This episode of Ray Donovan plunges Ray right up to his neck with Russian gangsters after him and his family. Things have gotten very violent very fast. “Goodbye Beautiful” is the bloodiest (in terms of body count) and darkest of season four so far.

With Mickey broken and Avi as good as dead, Ray will have to rely on Lena, Terry, Bunchy and Abby to help fight off the Russian mob.

Jon Voight as Mickey Donovan

Speaking of Lena; how cold and deadly is this woman. One shot; pow, right between the eyes and Vlad was already taking aim. Impressive to the nth degree. Avi is right, she is tougher than either he or Ray.

Sonia has escaped Dimitri’s wrath and Waller obviously sold his boss out, which may not help him now that she is out of reach.  Ray will have to dig deep to fight off this latest threat.

Ray Donovan airs Sundays on Showtime.  Do not miss this cracking drama as the body count rises and Ray gets tougher.


Guest starring Embeth Davidtz  –  Sonia Kovitzky, Paula Jai Parker as Silvie and Ted Levine as Little Bill Primm