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An Open Letter of Gratitude to Apple

May 6, 2015

Dear Apple, Firstly I have to say that I was a reluctant convert to the MacBookPro. My daughter got one for her studies at University, and the run-up to Uni, College. Her, now aging, MacBookPro stood her in good stead during her time learning about the video game industry and still does quite well considering… Read More ›

I’ll Have the McTest-Tube Burger With Cheese…

So, they are working on a test-tube hamburger are they? Well that’s what CNN say’s anyway. I had a quick look at their article and found out that a couple of scientists are both ‘racing’ to develop their own brand of ‘man-made’ meat. Scientist Gabor Forgacs from the University of Missouri (otherwise known as the ‘Show Me’… Read More ›

Today Mars, Tomorrow the Universe

Monday was a real red letter day for NASA (You see what I did there?). Their nuclear powered discovery vehicle, the aptly named ‘Curiosity‘ has not only managed to land on Mars but it has sent it’s first pictures back.  Pretty exciting stuff and it’s guaranteed to pique the interest of every ‘wanna-be’ astronaut and space… Read More ›

How the Internet Changed the Way We Watch Television

The internet has changed the way that we view television. I first noticed the increased presence of the ‘net’ while Buffy the Vampire Slayer was in its relative infancy of seasons. By the time the series had moved up a gear or two and was entering its third season, my daughter started buying Buffy ‘fan-zines.’… Read More ›

Dreamscape (1984): Inceptions Pappa

Dreamscape (1984): Inceptions Pappa

Directed by Joseph Ruben (The Stepfather, The Forgotten) Dreamscape  is about dreaming, going into someone else’s dream and controlling it. If the plot sounds familiar, it’s because it is. The concept has been used to great effect in two other films. The Cell (2000) and Inception (2010) both utilized the plot device of entering another person’s dreams and either controlling or changing them. All three films… Read More ›

The Big Bang Changes Everything

I’ve gotten a few rather puzzling comments on this post, querying as to whether I was writing about the formation of the moon.  I decided I’d better read my post again and see what I had done. I realized very quickly that in my excitement and rush to explain how the “God” particle was ‘created’… Read More ›

Life After Death…As a Robot?

I’ve just finished watching a very funny video on YouTube from Rhett and Link (very funny guys). My daughter had just watched it and wanted to show me part of it. The title of the video was Live Forever Online. The bit that she showed me was about a website called LifeNaut.com. The whole premise… Read More ›


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