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Author Larry Underwood.

Thirteen for 13 an Introduction to Larry Underwood’s Short Fiction

April 28, 2013

I made the acquaintance of Mr Underwood on Facebook via mutual friends (like you do) and I noticed the other day that he’d gotten one of his stories, an excellent piece of Western horror flash-fiction, promoted by Amazon.com as a limited freebie. I love free anything and I immediately shot over to the Amazon sellers and found… Read More ›


Taken by Adam Light: O. Henry Eat Your Heart Out

Adam Lights short story Taken throws a different light on the usual tales of abduction. Here is a  protagonist whose secret trauma is not revealed until the very last of the story and it helps to give an O Henry ending that quite surprised me. I have only just discovered the delights of Adam and Evans… Read More ›


 *This short story is a work in progress, please feel free to tell me what you think of it. Thanks.* The sold sign (subject to contract) in front of the “two bedroom terraced starter home with garage” was being taken down. The estate agent trundled the sign to his van and deposited it in the… Read More ›


The Red Lodge by H R Wakefield Short Story Terror

I first read this short story when I was about 12 or 14 years old. It was part of a horror anthology entitled Tales of Terror. (Not to be confused with the Alfred Hitchcock anthology of the same name.) This book, which had a off-shade green cover; featured pictures from each story in the collection…. Read More ›



Tom‘s grandpa called him from outside his grandparent’s house. “Tom, come on out here. I want to show you something.” Tom reluctantly tore his eyes off of the roller derby he’d been watching and stood up. It must be something interesting, Grandpa wouldn’t have called him otherwise. “Okay.” Tom shouted back. He switched the television… Read More ›

The Haunted Pub Tour

The haunted pub tour was a disappointment. I really should have known better, but, I was bored. The tour itself was just like every tour you’ve ever been on. You take a disparate group of people most, if not all, of whom are strangers to you. You are all herded into a bus like cattle…. Read More ›

The Lonely Wake

Marshal sat on the front row of collapsible chairs that had been set up for the viewing. Stifling a yawn, he stretched both arms over his head and looked around at the empty seats. Relaxing his arms, he dropped his hands in his lap and they immediately began searching for a cigarette. Patting pockets and… Read More ›

The Old Man’s Hands

The old man sat in a row of empty chairs in the waiting area of the bus station. He was the only live occupant in an area filled with dust bunnies, cobwebs, and deserted candy wrappers. Every time the entrance door opened with a sigh, pushed by the swirling ubiquitous wind, the bunnies and wrappers… Read More ›


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