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Something Big: Something We All Want

Something Big: Something We All Want?

September 18, 2013

I ordered the DVD for Dean Martin’s Something Big film after realising that I did not have a copy already and that I had not seen it for ages. I love the film, or more accurately, I love the theme of the film. It goes without saying that this would be a personal favourite. I… Read More ›


Nelson Mandela, a Movie, and an Epiphany

I have had an amazing amount of things happen to me this year, it seems as if Lady Luck or God or whoever is in charge “up-there” is attempting to make up for my health issues and near-death experiences of last year. But for all the interesting and further “life-changing” events, the last two weeks… Read More ›

Before you ask; no, no-one looked like that at my session.

Healthy Heart: Rehab and Diet

Today was my first rehabilitation session with the Cardio group. I think that I was the youngest,  but there was one other chap (a foreigner like me) who may have been a year or two younger. Either way, he and I were the “youngsters” of the group. Having to wait for over seven and a… Read More ›


Life After Almost Dying…

I wanted a nice “eye-catching” title for my post today. After battling with myself for all of two minutes, I decided not to use the Life after Death title I wanted. Because, although I was technically “dead” while they operation on me for hours, I wasn’t really dead. At least, I don’t think so. I mean,  I… Read More ›

1925 - 2013 RIP

RIP Margaret Thatcher: The Iron Lady has Gone

It was with surprise and a touch of sadness when I learned that Margaret Thatcher died today. She was 87 and a legend. But even legends die. This formidable women who changed the face of politics, Britain, and, in no small way, the world. Daughter of a grocery shop owner and as a child grew… Read More ›

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 04.15.42

The BIG THREE-OH-OH or 300 (for Purists)

So I lay my head down to take a nap (I’ve been very busy lately and damned if it’s not tiring) and when I wake up, all fuzzy headed and wondering where the hell am I and what just happened. I pass the 300 follower point on my blog! (How’s that for one long-assed opening sentence?… Read More ›

My front garden (aka front yard)

Getting Used to the Silence

Up until Friday the 26th of March this year, I was used to a (to me anyway) fairly full house. Then my daughter and her fella moved out of the house. Now the house feels very empty…and quiet. I’ve spent the past two days cleaning and washing and sorting the house until it looks fresh…. Read More ›


A New Start

I got up early this Easter Sunday to bring up those little things that you need when you are moving out and in my haste to get away early, I forgot about half of what I meant to bring. So I’ll have to make another trip to bring the other things that Meg and Max… Read More ›


Happy One Year Anniversary to My WordPress Blog!

It has taken me all day to decide on what to write after WordPress told me of my one year anniversary this morning. I will admit a certain amount of astonishment. I thought I’d been with WordPress much longer than a year. But after looking at my old posts and remembering that a goodly number… Read More ›

Scary gorilla and some shadowy chap taking his picture.

New Toys

As I drag myself kicking and screaming into the 21st century, I find the collecting of new technical toys makes the journey less fraught and more enjoyable. That is not to say that this act of self dragging is not without its more stressful  moments. I have been trying to change the password on my… Read More ›


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