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When a Stranger Calls (2006):Agonisingly Slow

May 15, 2013

I remember seeing the original of this film, the 1979 one with Carol Kane as part of one of those Drive-in Special features where you got three films for the price of one. Not too different from the $1.00 a car night where no matter how many hot and sweaty bodies you crammed in the… Read More ›


The Final Rites aka Rites of Passage (2012) Monkey Shines

Looking at the cast list, which was helpfully posted across the top of the video case, I decided to give this one a go. Sure the list says, with Christian Slater and Stephen Dorff which generally means that neither of them, as a rule, will get much screen time. But, au contraire! Christian Slater, while not on screen… Read More ›

CeCe and Rachel aka Meagan Good and Laura Ramsey

Venom (2005): Who do You Voodoo…

Directed by Jim Gillespie (D-Tox, I Know What You Did Last Summer) Venom is a voodoo oriented horror film that takes place, appropriately enough, in swamp filled Louisiana. Despite its low rating on IMDb (4.6) I thought the film was actually quite good, it was at least better than Messengers 2: The Scarecrow. The film deals with… Read More ›


Stitches (2012) Low Budget Clown Horror

Co-written and directed by Conor McMahon (who is still a fledgling in the directing world), Stitches is a “broad” comedy/horror film that will not appeal to all who watch it. If you have no issues with hearing the “C” word (and no I am not referring to cancer) a few times in the film, you may well like… Read More ›


My Soul to Take (2010): The Film Critics Love to Hate?

Written and directed by “tongue-in-cheek” horror master Wes Craven, My Soul to Take opened to almost universal pans. No-one, it appears, liked the film and critics united in an effort to slam this film. As a huge Wes Craven (and fan of all the Screams) I am amazed at the amount of “Craven-bashing” that took place when this film… Read More ›


Piñata: Survival Island (2002): Unintentionally Funny

“Many years ago, a small, isolated tribe were cursed by spirits for their sins. One of the tribesmen crafts a piñata, to which the tribe put their evil into and set afloat in the ocean. The curse was lifted from the tribe, however if the piñata was to be disturbed, an evil would be unleashed.”… Read More ›


Ghostquake: Haunted High (2012) TV Movie Rubbish

One of the “advantages” of living overseas is the ability to watch made for TV movies that are disguised as normal feature films. It is probably my own fault. I have a list of things I watch for: favourite directors, favourite actors, and whether the film is a horror film or not. I am a… Read More ›


The Hole (2009): There’s Something Down There

Directed by Joe Dante and written by Mark L. Smith, The Hole is a horror film that is aimed at the teen audience no doubt. But despite the fact that the targeted demographic is quite a lot younger than I am, I enjoyed the film immensely. The film stars Chris Massoglia (Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s… Read More ›

Playback (2012): America’s Home Videos Gone Wrong

It is interesting what draws us to a film. In this particular instance it was the words ‘starring Christian Slater‘ that hooked me. I should have known better. Slater actually has an oversized (or undersized, depending how you look at it) cameo in the film. It’s literally a case of ‘blink and you’ll miss him’… Read More ›

Forget Me Not (2009): Forget Me Not Likely

Directed by Tyler Oliver (who also co-wrote the film with Jamieson Stern), Forget Me Not was pretty much slaughtered by the critics. It also appears to have been overlooked by the public as well. So okay we’ve seen the formula before. A lot of World Cinema films use the ‘I did something bad to someone when I was… Read More ›


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