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Joe Hill carrying on the family tradition

NOS4R2 aka NOS4A2, by Joe Hill: Family Tradition

October 2, 2013

Had it not been my birthday, I never would have read NOS4R2 by Joe Hill. Firstly, because I’d never heard of it and secondly, because I’d never heard of him. But there is a family tradition in the Smith household. Every year on my birthday, my daughter buys me the latest Stephen King novel. It… Read More ›

When a Stranger Calls (2006):Agonisingly Slow

I remember seeing the original of this film, the 1979 one with Carol Kane as part of one of those Drive-in Special features where you got three films for the price of one. Not too different from the $1.00 a car night where no matter how many hot and sweaty bodies you crammed in the… Read More ›


The Final Rites aka Rites of Passage (2012) Monkey Shines

Looking at the cast list, which was helpfully posted across the top of the video case, I decided to give this one a go. Sure the list says, with Christian Slater and Stephen Dorff which generally means that neither of them, as a rule, will get much screen time. But, au contraire! Christian Slater, while not on screen… Read More ›


Macabre (2010): Indonesian Slasher Gore Fest

Written and directed by Kimo Stamboel and Timo Tjahjanto aka “the Mo Brothers” Macabre has the dubious distinction of being the first Indonesian film to be banned in Malaysia because of its overabundance of gore and violence. Despite this mark against it, the film nonetheless won quite a few awards and the lead actress Shareefa Daanish… Read More ›

Dream Home (2010): Chinese Urban Horror

This cross genre Chinese film about a girl seeking her “dream Home” is a must see. Here are my thoughts about the film. Enjoy.


The Crossings by Jack Ketchum: A Genre Blending Western

If the name Jack Ketchum sounds familiar, you might have seen one of the three films adapted from his books – Red, The Girl Next Door or The Woman. The award-winning Ketchum (real name Dallas Mayr) has been praised by no less than Stephen King who ranks the man very highly in the world of horror literature…. Read More ›


The Woman (2011): Nell With a Twist

Lucky McKee directed and co-wrote (with author Jack Ketchum) The Woman; a film  that could be called Nell on acid. Although this is a sequel to the 2009 McKee film Offspring about a “tribe” of cannibals who roamed the north-east coast. The “woman” is the sole survivor of this tribe. But not having seen the film,… Read More ›

CeCe and Rachel aka Meagan Good and Laura Ramsey

Venom (2005): Who do You Voodoo…

Directed by Jim Gillespie (D-Tox, I Know What You Did Last Summer) Venom is a voodoo oriented horror film that takes place, appropriately enough, in swamp filled Louisiana. Despite its low rating on IMDb (4.6) I thought the film was actually quite good, it was at least better than Messengers 2: The Scarecrow. The film deals with… Read More ›


Messengers 2: The Scarecrow (2009): Why?

In 2007 the Pang brothers Oxide Pang Chun and Danny Pang made their first “Hollywood” horror film The Messengers. It was a brilliant looking film that had many of their signature touches and despite the fact that it had Kristen Stewart in it, was creepy, scary and pretty “jump-worthy.” Two years later Messengers 2: The Scarecrow was released. The… Read More ›


Open Graves (2009): Sizzling Dushku

Directed by Álvaro de Armiñán and written by the Father/son duo of Roderick and Bruce A. Taylor Open Graves is like Jumanji on PCP or alternatively for grown-ups. There’s nothing new here on offer. An old board game that “magically’ comes alive to inflict horrible deaths on the losers and maybe give the winner their ultimate wish. Sort… Read More ›


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