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The Seasoning House

The Seasoning House (2012) Dramatic Directorial Debut

August 15, 2013

In the 2012 film, The Seasoning House, first time director Paul Hyett comes out of his corner swinging with this dramatic directorial debut. The film has been classed as horror, and in most viewers eye it is, but it is more of a tense drama, filled with enough suspense and unease to keep you uncomfortably… Read More ›


Sightseers (2012) British Black Comedy Caravan Style

I watched this film after reading a brilliant review by Natasha on Films and Things. I’d not heard of the film, but, as it was directed by Ben Wheatley (creator of the brilliant film Kill List and Down Terrace) and I am an unabashed fanboy of this brilliant new film director, I decided to give… Read More ›


Stitches (2012) Low Budget Clown Horror

Co-written and directed by Conor McMahon (who is still a fledgling in the directing world), Stitches is a “broad” comedy/horror film that will not appeal to all who watch it. If you have no issues with hearing the “C” word (and no I am not referring to cancer) a few times in the film, you may well like… Read More ›


Kill List (2011): Keeping Death in the Family

Written by husband/wife team Ben Wheatley and Amy Jump and directed by Wheatley, Kill List is a tour de force of dark unsettling images and sounds. From the very first frame, the film disturbs the viewer. Despite a fair sprinkling of black humour, an overpowering feeling of evil and doom fill every moment of the… Read More ›


Doghouse (2009): She’s a Man Eater

I had no real intention of watching this film, but after talking to Darran over at foxxiecinnamon’s blog about the film Kill List and Neil Maskell (who I said made me think of a “posh-er” Danny Dyer); Darran said that the two had worked together in the film Doghouse and here we are. I decided… Read More ›


The Secret of Crickley Hall by James Herbert: The Devil’s in Devon

Considering that this book was originally published in 2006, it has not lost the ability to entertain and enthral. I first read it back then and enjoyed it immensely. While waiting for Herbert’s next book to find its way into my hands (The Ghosts of Sleuth) which is another David Ash story, I decided to… Read More ›

Long Time Dead (2002): Djinn See that Coming

Directed by Marcus Adams and written by him and five other writers Long Time Dead centres around a Ouija board party that goes wrong. The group of 20 some-things who “have a go” at contacting the spirits are not taking the whole thing very seriously and that’s a big mistake. The film starts with a… Read More ›

Chatroom (2010): The World Weird Web

Made in 2010 and directed by Hideo Nakata (the directorial genius who brought us Ringu, The Ring 2 and Dark Water just to mention a few) Chatroom is a small budgeted British thriller set in the virtual chat rooms that still fill the internet. Aaron Johnson (having just finished working on Kick Ass) and Imogen Poots (28… Read More ›

Devil’s Playground (2010): Zombies, Zombies Everywhere…

Devil’s Playground  is director Mark McQueen‘s first venture into the feature film arena. Better known as the director of the “reality” television series The Only Way Is Essex, McQueen hasn’t done too badly in his maiden voyage. Unfortunately the film feels an awful lot like the 2008 Brit-flick Doomsday but without the added benefit of director Neil Marshall or Rhona… Read More ›

The Devil Inside (2012): Demons, Demons Everywhere

Directed by William Brent Bell (Stay Alive , Sparkle and Charm)  who co-wrote the screenplay with Matthew Peterman (Stay Alive) The Devil Inside is the latest in a long run of ‘found footage films’ which have been presented as ‘documentaries.’ Considering that this film opened theatrically on 6 January 2012, it is pretty amazing that the film has garnered over 101 millions dollars gross… Read More ›


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