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Thor: The Dark World Not Too Dark (Review)

February 15, 2014

Thor: The Dark World Not Too Dark (Review) With the release date of the blu-ray and DVD of this film looming ever closer – the official date is February 25 – it seems a good time to have another look at this newest tale of the Asgardian hero with a big hammer; Thor: the Dark World takes… Read More ›

Dream Home (2011): A Pleasant Surprise

Dream House (2011): A Pleasant Surprise

The 2011 film Dream House was a pleasant surprise. I had no real intention of watching the film as the marketing on it left a lot to be desired.  But as it was on Sky Movies I decided to give it a go. I’m glad I did.  It turned into a pleasant surprise, despite the… Read More ›


Horsemen (2009): Apocalyptic Film with no Apocalypse

The 2009 film Horsemen, written by David Callaham  and directed by Joss Ackerlund stars Dennis Quaid, Ziyi Zhang, Lou Taylor Pucci and has a tiny cameo by Peter Stormare. It is a dark, moody, and overall unsatisfying film that does not so much end as run out of steam. The film’s plot takes far too long in deciding… Read More ›


2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams Worst Film Ever

I do realise that  branding 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams as the worst film ever leaves me open to all kinds of arguments. I will take the chance of having other people’s candidates for that “honour” thrown in my face, but, it is worth the risk.  It is very seldom that I find a film… Read More ›

The Seasoning House

The Seasoning House (2012) Dramatic Directorial Debut

In the 2012 film, The Seasoning House, first time director Paul Hyett comes out of his corner swinging with this dramatic directorial debut. The film has been classed as horror, and in most viewers eye it is, but it is more of a tense drama, filled with enough suspense and unease to keep you uncomfortably… Read More ›

Dark Skies Oh Look It's an Alien...Again

Dark Skies 2013 Oh Look It’s Aliens…Again

Despite the mendacity of the trailers, Dark Skies is not a bad film. In another case where the marketing let the film down before it even opened, it isn’t too surprising that audiences did not get too carried away with a film that has been done before. It is almost a case of “Oh look!… Read More ›

The Conjuring

The Conjuring (2013): James Wan Fine Tuning of the Genre

The Conjuring is James Wan working hard to fine tune his take on the horror genre. The man who brought us Saw (2004); Dead Silence (2007); and Insidious (2010) as a director is learning how to scare more effectively and not rely upon gore to make his audience swoon with terror. Insidious, for all its… Read More ›


Oblivion (2013) Surprisingly Good

With my busy schedule lately, I’ve been going through “new film” withdrawal. Fortuitously Playstation Store had Oblivion as an early release for the price of £14.99 (about $23). Despite my reservations, my desperation to see any new film made me purchase the film. Result? Surprisingly good and worth the exorbitant price of purchase. *Does it annoy anyone… Read More ›

Drive it like you stole it.

G I Joe: Retaliation (2013) and Don’t Forget G I Jane(s)

As the follow-up to the 2009 film G I Joe: Rise of the Cobra, Retaliation works extremely well. Was the plot daft? Yes. Was the storyline so far removed from reality that it staggered the mind? Again the answer has to be yes. Was it good to see G I Jane(s)? Affirmative. Did the film… Read More ›

Waxwork 1988

Waxwork (1988) Comedy Horror Revisited

I am beginning to love Netflix. If they keep bringing up old classics like Child’s Play and Waxwork, I may ask the channel to marry me. I was overly delighted to see that they had included Waxwork, the 1988 comedy horror and I sat down to revisit a film that I remember loving so much… Read More ›


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